What, Why, & How-to Use Them (+ Key Steps)

In the rising influencer marketing trend, you’ve likely encountered the term “nano influencer.”

But what does it mean? Why should you care? And who are these unsung heroes?

Well, first off, they’re not celebrities with millions of followers. They are everyday folks, probably your next-door neighbor or local shop assistant. 

And trust me, they’re a game-changer.

In this post, you’ll discover the what, why, and how to leverage nano influencers in your social media marketing strategies.


Let’s dive in!

What is a Nano-influencer?

A nano-influencer is a social media content creator with a niche-specific following of 1,000 to 10,000.

Their role in influencer marketing is to promote products or services in their niche. The result is often greater trust and participation than with prominent influencers.

Meet Bianca, for instance, an Instagram influencer who helps women build lean, strong bodies:

nano influencer from Instagram

Bianca has over 9000 Instagram followers. She posts workout routines and healthy recipes. She also recommends local food and wellness brands to her followers. 

Bianca’s intimacy with her audience enhances the authenticity of her product promotion. So, her endorsements are influential.

What’s the Difference Between Nano & Micro Influencer?

Nano influencers are often confused with micro influencers, but there are two crucial differences: Follower count and engagement rate.

As we know, a nano-influencer has between 1,000 to 10,000 social media followers and often exhibits higher engagement rates.

But, micro-influencers fall in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Though lower than nano-influencers, their engagement rates often exceed those of more prominent influencers like:

  • Macro influencers: These have between 100,000 and 1 million followers. 
  • Mega influencers: These have over 1 million followers. Despite having the broadest reach, they tend to have the lowest levels of engagement. 

Knowing each influencer tier helps you choose the right influencer to promote your product. 

This brings us to the pivotal question…

Why are Nano-influencers Important?

Despite their smaller audience, nano-influencers are crucial to influencer marketing and brand awareness. 

They have a highly engaged audience.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, nano-influencers have a 7.2% Instagram engagement rate. Compared to 1.1% for macro-influencers. 

This high engagement rate sets the stage for exploring the benefits of nano-influencers.


High Engagement Levels 

So, why do nano-influencers have higher engagement rates? Well, it’s due to their close connection with their followers.

Imagine a famous chain coffee shop that hundreds of people visit daily. The baristas, overwhelmed by the volume, rarely recognize or remember their regulars. 

Contrast that to a small, local café where the owner knows every regular’s name and favorite order. 

Nano-influencers are like that local café — personal and hard to find in crowded places. 

This kind of relationship benefits brands and audiences seeking genuine interactions.

Trust & Authenticity

Nano-influencers and their followers share trust and authenticity.

Think of your relationship with a childhood friend compared to your perception of a celebrity. 

While the celebrity might influence trends, you’d trust your childhood friend’s recommendations.

You have built years of trust and genuine understanding with your friend. 

Nano-influencers are akin to childhood friends, their suggestions grounded in genuine experience and trust. 

So, nano-influencers’ trust and authenticity make them ideal for genuine partnerships.

Cost-Efficient Collaborations

When you choose to work with nano-influencers, it often provides excellent value for money. This cost efficiency is similar to many everyday situations.

For example, a delicious home-cooked meal can rival the taste of restaurant dishes at a much lower cost. 

Like a homemade meal, nano-influencers deliver authentic content and genuine recommendations. But without the high costs associated with more prominent influencers.

Thus, nano-influencer collaborations offer the ideal balance of authenticity and affordability.

Organic Growth 

Partnering with a nano-influencer in early growth stages can have lasting effects.

Imagine a small snowball rolling down a hill. 

As it moves, it gathers more snow, growing in size naturally due to the momentum. 

Similarly, as nano-influencers consistently offer authentic content and genuine interactions, they attract more followers. This organic growth compounds over time, leading to a larger, yet still engaged, community.

Organic growth-based collaborations with genuine communities lead to long-term brand loyalty.

Flexibility and Creativity 

With their more manageable follower base, nano-influencers can swiftly respond to trends, feedback, or current events.

This flexibility allows you to co-create authentic content with nano-influencers.

If something doesn’t work, you and the nano-influencer can adjust based on feedback.

Additionally, this collaboration strengthens the brand-influencer relationship.

The relationship becomes more about mutual growth and exploration. 

Given the above benefits, the question becomes how can you use nano-influencers best to boost your online presence?

How to Leverage Nano-influencers to Supercharge Your Social Media Strategy

Now that you understand the importance of nano-influencers, let’s explore the steps for leveraging nano-influencers into your social media marketing strategy…

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Nano-Influencer Match

Choosing the right nano-influencer is crucial for marketing success. 

So, first, select a social media platform where your target audience spends the most time. This could be Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Next, use an influencer tool like AspireIQ to screen candidates by engagement rate, niche, and demographics.

Once you have a few influencer candidates, examine their content and engagement. 

Does the content align with your brand’s tone, aesthetics, and values? Are their follower active and engaging through likes, comments, and shares?

Finally, reach out.

Step 2: Focus on Authenticity

Nano-influencers build their audience through genuine connections, shared interests, and authentic interactions. 

So, you must focus on and nurture authenticity when approaching them.

Instead of a scripted message, use their natural voice and content style to tailor a personal message. 

It demonstrates that you value building relationships with the nano-influencer and their followers.

Step 3: Establish Clear Communication

Successful influencer-brand collaborations depend on good communication. 

Both parties must know their roles, responsibilities, and influencer campaign goals. Start with a detailed briefing on your brand’s goals and success metrics. 

You should encourage nano-influencers to share their insights, expectations, and potential challenges.

This dialogue helps address concerns and align the campaign’s direction. 

Additionally, regular check-ins and feedback loops enable quick course corrections. 

In short, open communication channels ease collaboration and help achieve goals.

Step 4: Offer Exclusive Perks

Rewarding nano-influencers with unique benefits shows appreciation for their work and strengthens the partnership.

Consider offering personalized perks or notes of appreciation to nano-influencers to demonstrate that you recognize their individuality.

In essence, offering exclusive perks to nano-influencers isn’t just about the tangible benefits but the sentiment behind them. It’s a way to express gratitude, acknowledge the nano-influencer’s unique contributions, and deepen the collaborative bond. 

It’s like adding a cherry on top of a sundae; while the sundae is already delightful, the cherry makes it special.

Building these authentic relationships with nano-influencers leads to more genuine and engaging content. 

Step 5: Plan How You Will Use Their Content

Compared to polished corporate ads, nano-influencers content authenticity stands out. It can be your shining beacon.

Plus, brands can boost engagement by weaving authentic content into their social media narratives. If you share or repurpose nano-influencer posts, it endorses their voice and creativity. 

This reciprocity strengthens the bond between the brand and the nano-influencer. It also expands the reach of the content.

Step 6: Track & Measure Engagement

Keeping track of analytics is crucial, as how else will you know if your nano-influencer collaboration is making a difference? Consider:

  • Measuring likes, comments, shares, and saves a nano-influencer’s post garners. 
  • Track metrics like click-through rates, sign-ups, or sales generated from nano-influencer-driven traffic.
  • Track any spikes in your brand’s follower count or website traffic post-collaboration. 
  • Analyze comments and feedback on nano-influencer posts to gauge audience sentiment and perception.

Tracking these metrics helps you assess your influencer marketing campaign success and, more importantly, areas for improvement.

Step 7: Foster Long-Term Relationships

One-time collaborations fail to leave an impact on nano-influencer marketing.

So, aim to build sustained, long-term relationships with nano-influencers. 

Over time, nano-influencers become familiar with the brand, leading to better promotions.

Plus, their audience associates them with your brand, creating a consistent brand identity.

This consistency fosters trust and establishes the nano-influencer as a genuine brand ambassador.

Step 8: Collaborate on Content Creation

Collaboration is key when working with nano-influencers. Instead of giving them a strict brief, fuse your insights with theirs to create compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Picture two artists painting a mural together. While one may excel in creating backgrounds, the other might be adept at detailed illustrations. 

Their combined expertise results in a masterpiece that showcases the strengths of both. 

When brands and nano-influencers collaborate, they leverage each other’s strengths to produce content that shines.

Collaboration can reveal new perspectives, presentation styles, and unique ideas.

Co-creation also gives nano-influencers pride in the influencer marketing campaign, motivating them to promote it.

Nano-influencers: The Unsung Heroes of Digital Marketing

You’ve made it!

We’ve explored nano-influencers, their importance, and how to leverage their influence. 

Now, it’s your turn to act.

Take what you’ve learned in this post, partner with the right nano-influencers, and experience firsthand the transformative power they bring.

Trust me, you’ll be happy you made the leap!

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