Here’s my flat runner for the Long Beach Half Marathon and a list of the running gear I wore for the race. I’ll link to everything below too.

The night before the race I laid everything out in a Flat Runner. I ended up wearing different shorts because I got sunblock on the cute heart running shorts in the photo below. Boo. But this list is still my current favorite running gear.

 What I wore to the Half Marathon Running Gear

Sweat Wicking Tank – This is one of the easier pieces of run gear to choose. As long as it’s sweat wicking and the right size – it should work.

Running Sunglasses – My running sunglasses have to be polarized and fit with my visor and over ear headphones.

Run Eat Repeat Visor – These aren’t for sale right now.

High Impact Sports bra – I look for a running sports bra with adjustable straps and a clasp back closure.

Running Shorts – To avoid chafing I look for running shorts that are at least 7 inches long. The shorts in this image are from Sparkle Athletic – check ’em out here.

Running Watch – Here’s a link to my GPS Running Watch.

Infinity Run Belt – I like an infinity style running belt with multiple pockets.

Running Shoes – Newish running shoes, but not 100% new (never worn) shoes.

Running Socks – For warm weather races I like no show compression style socks. I think compression fabric socks that are on the thin side help prevent blisters.

Oh and… Follow me! I posted a 20 second video with some of the highlights from the race on Instagram @RunEatRepeat and TikTok @RunEatRepeat 


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