The Ultimate List of RUNNING GOALS for the new year

Here’s the Ultimate List of Running Goals to help give you some ideas on how to set the best running goal for YOU. There are 22 running goals you can use to inspire your 2022 goals.

I have an amazing Running Goals Workbook to help you set BIG GOALS and accomplish them this year. It’s a FREE pdf download you can print out (or screenshot) and follow along all 2022. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get your copy.

But first… let’s talk about Running Goals and New Year’s Resolutions.

I LOVE new year’s resolutions, new months, new running shoes… basically any opportunity for a fresh start. So, I like to really stop and think about my goals for the year, write them down and identify which ones are most important to me. Then, I focus on those to work towards.

I know running is hard. And it can be overwhelming to thinking about setting a running goal for the year. It’s extra hard to set a running goal if you’re scrolling through Instagram and see thousands of other runners sharing their goals! So important reminder: Set a goal that’s important to YOU. (It should also be something that’s realistic for your fitness, health and experience.)

Here’s a list of ideas to help you brainstorm a great running goal for YOU. Use this as inspiration to identify some goals you’d like to achieve. Then, get the Running Goals Workbook to name it and make a plan to chase it down.

2022 Running Goals Ideas and Tips

  1. Run Naked – run without technology once a week. This gives you the chance to check in with your body.
  2. Run a trail race – train for a trail race this year. It’s like a different sport from road running!
  3. Run a destination race – pick a place you want to visit and see what race options are available.
  4. Run #__ miles this year. Set a goal to run a certain number for miles each week or month. Total it up for the year for your Running Mileage goal for 2022.
  5. Run a big city marathon. If you read that and a race popped in your head – go for it!
  6. Run with Friends – make a running buddy and the miles fly by. (You’ll be flying too if they’re faster than you.)
  7. Run with your Dog – Don’t have a dog? Get one! Or ask to run with a friend’s (especially if they’re busy and want their pup to get more exercise)
  8. Make ‘Have Fun’ the goal. Make 1 run a week just for fun, without any distance or pace goals. Listen to a funny audiobook. podcast or your fave playlist.
  9. Run your first Marathon or Half. Already conquered those distances? Run a race you haven’t done before.
  10. Run a PR. Set a new Personal Record in a 5K, 10K, Half or Full. Or set a course PR and run your fastest time at a race you do every year.
  11. Run a FUN RACE – Try a Run Disney event or fun run near you, dress up and just have fun.
  12. New Route – find a new place to run once a week. This is a great way to avoid long run boredom.
  13. Join a running club – Check with your local running store to see if they host group runs.
  14. Introduce someone to running – Already have a long of friends, but no run buddy? Invite a friend to run with you.
  15. Strength Train – Get stronger and become a better runner with a strength training plan for runners.
  16. Eat Better – Focus on nutrition to help your body perform and recover better.
  17. Run 2022 Miles this year – Do the ‘Run the Year Challenge’ and run 2,022 miles in 2022.
  18. Run #__ Marathons or Half Marathons – set a goal to run a certain number of races this year.
  19. Run Streak – Start a Running Streak and do at least 1 mile everyday.
  20. Train your mind – Work on your mental training once a week.
  21. Volunteer at a race – sign up to work on an aide station at a local race.
  22. MOONSHOT RUNNING GOAL – name that big, scary running goal you really want to accomplish (and may be a lil scared to admit).

 Running Goals Motivation 2022

No matter what goal you set for yourself – I’m rooting for you. Having fun is a great goal. Running a Marathon PR is a great goal. Every body is different – do what’s best for you.

Remember, the best running goal for YOU is something that’s important to you, works with your timeline and current health/fitness, do-able financially and logistically and something you want to do.

Running Goals 2022 Workbook

Ready to set your running goals? Need some help setting a good running goal for you?? Get the free Running Goals Workbook! It’s a 12 page pdf designed to help you identify your big running goals and focus on how to accomplish them.

Complete the form below and I’ll email it to you right away. It’s your first step towards doing something amazing this year!

2022 Running Goals Ideas and free guide

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