The Secret by K.L. Slater – Book Review

One of my goals this year is to do a super quick review of every book I read or listen to on Audible. I want to do this because I finish A LOT of books (see: Audible Wrap Up) and get asked for book recommendations pretty often especially on Instagram stories when I share whatever I’m listening to at the time.

But, when someone asks for a book rec – I FREEZE. Suddenly my brain goes blank and I can’t remember how to read let alone what’s the best thing I read recently. So, keeping up with it will help with that.

I want to know how many books I read in a year AND a list of all the books I read / listened to at the end of the year (don’t see the Audible Wrap Up for that – because they didn’t include that stat).

I didn’t set this goal until 2 weeks into January (when I saw my Audible Wrapped for last year). I’d already read a few books by then, so this isn’t my first book of the year, but I’ll add those reviews later this week.

What I liked: Easy, light story. I enjoyed the back and forth from the past to present day. I enjoy K.L. Slater’s writing overall.

What I didn’t like: The twist ending felt thrown together. There wasn’t a legit reason or any crumbs suggesting it’d go that way.

Other Notes: The tagline on the book cover doesn’t really apply to the book. When I noticed that I read the summary on Audible and that’s a lil off from the book too. It’s not a big deal. I’m only mentioning it because it makes me wonder if that happens all the time and I haven’t noticed before?!

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars – I liked it and I like the author K.L. Slater, but took away points for the lack of crumbs (foundation to support) the twist ending.

I think it was included in my Audible subscription (I consider this a FREE BOOK because it doesn’t use up 1 of my monthly credits). If you have an Audible subscription – there are a lot of K.L. Slater books that are included right now. I think I’ve listened to 7 of her books so far. If you’re new to this author and like suspense and light crime (she’s rarely graphic or scary) – you’ll probably like Slater’s work. I suggest you sort by ‘Best Selling’ and get the highest ranked book to start (or the highest ranked included book – which is what I did).


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