RUN WORDLE – 1 – Run Eat Repeat

I’m fully on board with the WORDLE craze and look forward to it everyday! Since you can only play ONE time a day I decided to create a RUNNER inspired WORDLE in case you want an extra game each day.

If you’re not familiar, Wordle is a free word game that went viral recently (especially on Twitter). Anyone can play from your phone or computer – there’s NO app or sign-up required. It’s a simple 5 letter word puzzle you have 6 chances to guess and there’s no time limit. After each guess the game turns your letters into a different color to indicate your progress (see the rules below).

Rules to Wordle:
  • You have 6 chances to guess the word. The game updates your letters after each guess with this info…
  • Green = Correct letter and right place in the word
  • Yellow = Correct letter, but wrong place in the word
  • Gray = Wrong letter, it’s not in the word at all

This is the official WORDLE WEBSITE:

Here is the RUNNER WORDLE for Day 1 (scroll down for more):

It’s mobile friendly and easy to use on your phone or computer. I’m sharing the link spelled out like above because there are tons of articles about it and new Wordle competitors so it was confusing at first since the name isn’t in the beginning of the site address.

I like that you can only play WORDLE one time per day because there’s no risk of opening it up intending to only play for a few minutes and then realizing 3 hours have passed (*cough…ahem…* like I’ve done on Instagram and TikTok).

But I think ONE extra WORDLE a day that’s made for runners is a fun addition. Plus, all the Run Wordles I create are RUNNER themed so it’s a lil easier to figure out.

Wordle for RUNNERS

RUNNER WORDLE has the same rules as the original Wordle – 5 letter word, 6 guesses and the letters change color based on your answers. HINT: It’s a running related word.

List of Wordle for Runners

Click the links below to play Wordle for Runners:

Please let me know how you do in the comments or on Instagram @RunEatRepeat… 

I’m excited to hear what you think!


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