I just got back from 11 days out of town & almost forgot registration for the Princess Half Marathon was today!!

Luckily, I saw a reminder when I finished my run & logged on right away. There was a 1 hour wait time in the queue (you’re not supposed to refresh or close the page).

I was worried it’d sell out by the time I got in, but the half marathon & challenge (10K & Half) were still open.

After running the Dopey Challenge in January and feeling like I couldn’t enjoy the sights while doing multiple races –> I decided to just do the half marathon this time. (I hate saying ‘just’ before half marathon, but want to note that I was considering multiple races.)

I’m registered to run the Princess Half Marathon in February 2023!!

Run Disney Race Registration Tips Hacks

1. Put the registration day / time in your calendar when they’re announced. These races sell out so you have to register as soon as it’s open. Registration for Run Disney events usually open at 10am EST / 7am PST on a weekday. Schedule time to do this if necessary.

When registration opens – go to the runDisney website (linked below) and find the race you want to register for. Click on the distance you want to run and register.

If you go to the website and it says ‘Thank you for your patience…’ with an ‘Approximate Wait Time’ –> wait. Don’t refresh the page or close the window. That means you’re in line. If you close or refresh you’ll lose your place.

2. BEFORE registration day –> Create an account with run Disney and have that information available on registration day.

You have to log on to complete the registration and this will slow you down if you’re starting from step 1 and have to create an account.

3. Have all your race registration info ready – your personal info, emergency contact, estimated finish time, etc… (everything you usually need to register for a race)

They ask for proof of finish time if you want to be in the first corrals, but you can put that in later. Skip it & update later if you don’t have it.

*Check the deadline, but you may have time to qualify for corral placement (in the past it was running faster than a 2:15 half marathon). There’s usually a deadline to show proof of your finish time a few months before race day.*

4. Have your payment nearby. I’ve heard of runners thinking they got in & races selling out while they looked for a misplaced credit card.

This goes with the previous tip, but the more prepared you are the faster you can go!

I just came back from a trip across the country & use a different wallet while traveling. Luckily, I realized this while waiting in the queue and dug it out of my suitcase.

5. Decide what race you want to do AND if you’re open to running another distance if that’s sold out.

You don’t have time to freeze up if you get in & see your 1st choice isn’t available. Every distance will sell out so you have to be quick. Rank them or decide what races you’re open to and which are a no before registration day.

You can register for the Run Disney Races on their website (linked below). That site has all the information on race dates, distances, fees and rules. They usually announce upcoming race dates and themes weeks in advance of sharing when registration will be open on Instagram, Facebook and their website. This way runners have time to plan if they want to run and plan how they’ll register.

Currently there are four Run Disney Race Weekends (each with different distance options – 5K, 10K, Half or Full)

  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in February
  • Springtime Surprise Race Weekend in March
  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend in November

You can get more information on upcoming races and registration on the Run Disney website here

Question: Are YOU running any upcoming Run Disney races?

Do you want to??







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