Reasons People Run vs. Reasons I Run

Hello! This is supposed to be a funny post about why most people run versus why I run, but before we make jokes like, ‘Will run for pizza’ (although that’s def NOT a joke and I will 1000% run for pizza)… I want to remind you about a few things.

Also, I shared my Favorite Fall Running Gear in my last post and mentioned the running sunglasses I’m wearing in the photo (below). I don’t think they’re available any longer. I linked to a few similar options in that post and on the Amazon List: Fall Running Must Haves.

Running Reminders

  1. You can change your ‘why’ aka the reason you run. Maybe you started running to lose weight and now you do it to keep up with friends. Good on you either way!
  2. You can have more than 1 reason to run. Maybe it’s stress relief and you want to run faster. Enjoy it and work hard!
  3. I think it’s okay to run because you love food. But, YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN TO EARN FOOD. You deserve to eat enough. You deserve to eat your favorite treats – with or without running.
  4. Running can be fun! I’d even go so far as to say – RUNNING SHOULD BE FUN (at least some of the time). This will help you stick with it long term.
  5. EVERYONE is welcome in the running community. It doesn’t matter why you run, how fast you run, how far you run or what you look like running. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

Now let’s see the reasons people run. These are memes I made for Instagram and Facebook. Please tag @RunEatRepeat or link to if you share them on your social media or website. [ Link to site: ] [ Link to IG:]

Reasons People Run meme
Reasons People Run meme
Reasons People Run meme

After the Surf City Half Marathon I randomly posted with the trash and posted a small airplane in the distance. It was one of those small planes you can rent (hire?) to fly around pulling a sign. Much to my surprise the signs were encouraging messages for runners so I thought I’d share.

Reasons People Run meme

Runner’s High is Legal in All 50 States

Reasons People Run meme

I Love You Slow Much

Reasons People Run meme

You’re My Sole Mate

Reasons People Run meme

Make Running Fun Again

Reasons People Run meme

Okay, okay you caught me – these aren’t real plane banners. But if they were they’d be courtesy of Run Eat Repeat.

Reasons People Run meme

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can learn from this post is = If you want to hire a plane to share a message make it a banner NOT sky writing because that’s always hard to read (and only works in cartoons).

I’ve been Running, Eating and Listening to so many podcasts and books lately. I’ll be back tomorrow with updates on that!

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