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Product Name: Velocity LEAN Velocity LEAN Diet – Diet for Losing Weight Fast – Velocity LEAN


I’ll never forget the day my 4 year old nephew asked me, so innocently sounding, in front of the rest of my family, “Uncle are you pregnant? Are you going to have a baby?  Will you make milk?”… … ………………….

I stood there like a deer in headlights…

I was caught  “pretending to be lean and toned” at the time after letting myself get out of shape.   What’s even worse, was I wasn’t even trying to suck in my gut I was just pretending it wasn’t there.  

And in my imagination I was thinking, or rather, pretending, ‘no one can really tell that I have fat on my belly… it’s invisible!”   (As if I had fat belly invisibility super powers.  )

But I could not escape the honesty of a child!  He had x-ray vision and saw past my imagination. And he called me out and I looked like a fool.  I realized in a split second that my family had been disciplined in being nice to me.  But little squirt nephew wasn’t into niceties. 

So… I had to “Face the Music” in front of my family who were a bit more polite than my 4 year old nephew!

How Embarrassing… So I was forced to confront the truth… I got fat!  I tried to use my best “poker face” in front of everyone but it wasn’t working.

Finally I was forced to admit to myself, that I been in “body blubber denial” and I wasn’t supposed to be.   Isn’t it super hard to admit we are wrong to our own selves?  Why is it so hard!  Anyways. 

But what I found to be harder was actually getting rid of that excess body fat.  I was actually struggling.  I had a lifestyle change out of “Gym life” to “computer life” due to new businesses being opened. I have to figure out something new.

And in the process of figuring out something new I stumbled upon many hidden “fat conspiracies” that were conspiring against us in modern times making it extra difficult to become lean and stay lean.

And these new hidden, hideous, fat making factors needed new solutions so you and I could make it easier to become lean and toned, without spending a ton of time in the gym, plus cooking and eating 6 to 8 meals a day,  doing  the whole “gym life” thing.

So the old school way was out.  And the new much more efficient way of becoming a lean and losing weight had  to be created.   

I just didn’t have the time…

So after not much deliberation, I decided to… CONQUER this new found body fat struggle of mine.  And I used this lemon of an event to make some sweet lemonade.   But I wanted to create something new in a diet, in a weight loss system, something different, something smarter, something faster and something easier.   So I did.  And now I’m sharing this creation of mine with you. ​

Sometimes in order to get something done,  you just need to “put your foot down”, “roll up your sleeves”  and go to battle!

And when we reach that trigger point where we just only get the energy and the resolve of mind – we can use that energy to go take charge and get the job done!

In fact, since we are dealing with weight loss which is highly correlated with one’s comfort zones, I find that I have to be even aggressive, or some would even say “war like” in order to blow through the comfort zone and get the results I want to get for my lean and toned body goals, at least at the start.

Then when you can get in gear with a good weight loss system then everything can just starts to kick in gear all the way to the finish line.

It had become harder than ever to get rid of excess body fat for me at the time and after a changed lifestyle into endless hours in front of … computers working on many new projects.

But looking around locally and across the country, I was not the only one struggling with really tough to remove body fat. 

Most of the whole country was struggling too, most far worse off than me.  Then I realized…

Was it just the “computer lifestyle”?   

We were all not that much more physically active back 30 to 40 years ago compared to today, yet people were relatively lean on average back then compared to these days. ​

But on the other hand the whole technology upgrade from video games onto working from home on a computer in combination with a lot of bad behavior in society as a lot of people indoors and a lot less active.  So okay that’s certainly a factor. 

But I would say since a lot of people do a lot of exercise in the gym and still struggle with excess body weight, then the problem is more than just lack of moving around.  There’s something fishy going on…

Wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s not your fault.

In fact, body weight struggles have gotten so bad that it seems like we’ve been transported to another planet.   So instead of just complaining about it and waiting for the planet to all change for the better, I figured, well, let’s go figure this whole global excess body weight mess out and fix it. 

Let’s find the problem so we can find solutions.

Let’s find the root causes and figure out the remedy. 

Hey, sometimes things just change.  So what do we do?  We adapt. 

Maybe we can go change our environment and how society does things, but that can take a long time.  We need a fix for NOW.  

And for some, identifying these root causes related to what has been giving these excess body weight struggles is more important than ever in these modern times; it may be indeed a life saving discovery for some!  So time is of the essence. It’s time to learn and figure out solutions, quickly!

Something has gone WAY wrong.  It’s as if this something was almost sinister, slowly creeping up on people, patiently waiting, sneakily growing, like a parasite, to envelope its host while making us really fat along the way!

Okay that may be a bit dramatic yet the skyrocketing disease rates and obesity rates over the past few decades is not normal. It should not be considered normal especially since humans know more and can do more than ever.  So what has changed? That is the question!

A lot of people, including myself, seemed to have a hard time noticing their body fat percentage getting greater and greater.Did we not notice?  Or were we just too busy, busy, busy to even bother with, it making the option of going into denial much easier?  And many people simply seemed to have gotten to the point where they just couldn’t keep up with the excess weight. 

Staying lean and toned was just taking too much effort, time and energy.  And so… they let it go…

So something was wrong.  I was able to see that more clearly since I’m no “spring chicken” and have been around on this rock long enough to experience times when not many people were very overweight at all. 

And back “in the old days”, it was pretty hard to gain weight at least in comparison to now. We had to eat a lot of food in order to gain weight in terms of body fat. I mean, we had to work hard at getting fat in order to get really fat.   

But now we hardly have to do anything and we get fat.  And now we’re required to do all of this work just to try and stay lean.  Back in the past, we had to do… nothing! to stay lean. 

But still, back in the old days,  no matter how hard we tried to “eat like a horse” eating mass quantities of whatever, we gained very little body fat compared to this massive blow fish look that we see out and about in modern times.

And what I discovered was that a lot of this big super large, blowfish looking “body fat” was not necessarily only body fat but other “stuff” too, like nasty stuff building up in the body!  

And the nasty stuff was getting backed up and stuck, clogged in between the cells, all over the body! ​​It gets stuck and plugged up, not draining out as it needs to drain out of the body.  And it this backup of intercellular sewage interferes with our ability to shed excess fat too, from my experience.​

So to Make a Long Story Short, After an Accumulation of Knowledge, Understanding, Studies and Testing I Assembled What I Now Call the PERFECT Diet!   It’s Called…​

So we made the Velocity LEAN Diet to help address many of these problems, which is what can make our approach so effective. 

Speed is what we need!  Speed keeps our interest keeps interest. Speed brings results faster. Speed saves us time. Speed makes the diet more fun to do.

Those long monotonous 12 the six-week diet programs are just miserable.  Have you experienced those? A lot of people are on those programs from bodybuilders on down to different popular weight loss approaches.  And a diet that takes that long takes a lot of focus and a lot of work.

You see, were not into that anymore. We’re not into the long drawnout approach anymore. Were not into it dieting approach that takes hours a day to do were it essentially just about consumes your life.  And when you put all of cooking shopping and eating altogether.  Oh I forgot the cleaning too!  it takes up way too much time! And people are busy and have better things to do than worry about eating all day.

Did you know that the Velocity LEAN Diet is technically only a 10 day diet? Of course you can just simply repeat the diet cycle to get the results you need.

We’ve added fat burning windows with autophagy and fat burning sweet spot targeting. And these sweet spots get cycled.​ ​ So we’re specifically going for those sweet spots for maximizing fast fat burning and weight loss.   But the body can’t keep up that pace on a continuous basis so we have a unique way of cycling that takes care of that.​

We cycle in and out to avoid metabolism slow down.  If the metabolism slows down then the whole dieting process starts going backwards, becoming less efficient, slowing down, while status of for that dreaded YOYO rebound.  just say no to YOYO!

And we’re looking to become not MORE efficient, but ULTRA efficient with the Velocity LEAN Diet, not less! 

So therefore, we employed a mechanism to help fix this combination problem of hitting top fat loss zones while still keeping the metabolism high.

So, you do a diet for a period of time, then what do you do?  Go back to what you were doing before?  Isn’t that what got you overweight?    Right. 

So we needed to fix that in the Velocity LEAN Diet by looking to find and then target potential root causes of what causes this yo-yo dieting problem, at least from our yo-yo experiences.

And through this process I found startling secrets behind what was triggering the yo-yo effect in me.  And I’ll share with you these secrets and my way of beating that dreaded yo-yo dieting effect that has affected me way too often in the past.

When you can stop rebounding into rapidly gaining weight after dieting keep your dieting achievements, then you can make steady progress. Because if you want to lose more weight afterwards, then all you need to do is that diet again.

But having to go back all over and lose the weight you already loss is miserable. It’s not efficient.  It’s just not smart.  Unfortunately you could argue that most weight loss approaches and diets are just not very smart.   

So, when you can actually stay lean after losing weight from all your efforts, life becomes SO much easier!

And then we discovered another problem which was what to eat when we do eat. Because we have found that if one sticks to what most  a lot of health gurus and weight lost gurus say about what is good to eat, very little progress will be made if any. And if any progress is made then usually, what we found is a that a yo-yo rebound will gain the weight right back. That’s been my experience, how about you?   

Well for more understanding on that topic I’ll just tell you that what we found is that if you replace the food choices of what to eat when you do eat then there is a greater probability of success on the diet and after one is finished with the diet.  Many of the key food choices with different types of foods can still be enjoyable and quite frankly I find them more enjoyable,  which make me feel a lot better and more happy.

And on that note we also combat the YOYO factor with our foods lists and do not eat list that helps us transform the gut biome for the better to crave foods that make us lean and keep us lean, which then therefore changes our cravings to not crave the bad foods.  ​​And that means that if we can change our cravings then we are not going to, or rather, we will be less likely to crave the prior foods that’s made us large and not so in charge in the first place, due to cravings given to us by a bad gut biome! ​

And one more key problem we had to solve was the austerity issue.  We know that a diet cannot feel miserable too long or else people just won’t stick to it especially when we are so busy with so much work these days.   

If a diet is too austere then most people will not stick to it and they will rebel,  possibly even eating their former junk food with a vengeance. 

If a diet is too austere people you’ll also tend to be missing nutrients.  

Austere diets slows down productivity to where you get behind.  Then what happens?  Yet another form of YoYo dieting happens where people can turn around and eat with a vengeance in order to try to find the nutrients their body needs.   And if you’re not very familiar with highly efficient foods that can provide  you the nutrients without making you fatter then what happens?  You get fatter. 

In order to obtain greater efficiency in dieting we also look to  maximize the process known as autophagy when we can on the Velocity LEAN Diet

Autophagy is a process in the body where your body goes into “oven cleaning mode”  for “auto cleaning”.

Part of the weight loss process that increases weight loss efficiency is to enhance autophagy to help the body to clean up and clean out junk tissue that can clog up our body’s ability to shed excess body weight. ​

“Autophagy is a self-degradative process that is important for balancing sources of energy at critical times in development and in response to nutrient stress. Autophagy also plays a housekeeping role in removing misfolded or aggregated proteins, clearing damaged organelles, such as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes, as well as eliminating intracellular pathogens… Pub Med”

It’s like automatic push button body fat, junk tissue, bad bug and even cancer cell cleanup!

It helps clean non physical body productive cells and tissue from the body.  This is what we want.  We want the pathways between the cells to be better cleaned out.  Why? Because from our experience, then weight loss, fat and excess junk fluid elimination seems to happen much more quickly. 

Now just imagine inside your house… If you could push a button and then all of a sudden all these creatures or how about robots go and clean your house up and make it perfect… that would be awesome right? Well that’s autophagy. 

It’s your own body’s clean up take out the garbage mode. 

It’s a maintenance process in the body.   It’s a similar process to when your body goes into starvation mode where your body knows to go tear up non productive tissue, disassembling that tissue for nutrient component parts that critical cells need for operation and repair.  Isn’t that cool?!

This autophagy process is innate. Your body knows how to do it automatically. And so what we want to do is take advantage of this.

We want to purposely trigger autophagy and look to MAXIMIZE it,  maximizing the peak points where autophagy is most active in order to help us in the weight loss process.  And we do this through a new trick we stumbled upon…

And what we do in this Velocity LEAN Diet is an optimization factor for making autophagy more impactful by synergistically merging the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement Matrix with meal timing.  (VelocityBURN is another powerful product of ours at

Whereas the purpose of this optimization was to hit the points of highest autophagy activity yet without burning ourselves out in the process. And we certainly did not want to slow down the metabolism either, which also gets factored into the Velocity LEAN MATRIX.

And do keep in mind, that the Velocity BURN Diet is only a 2 week (technically 10 day) cycle.   The cycle can be repeated as needed or bounced back and forth between other diets. 

The Velocity LEAN Diet Works by:

I designed this diet for helping prevent plateauing.  Plateauing in a diet is a big problem. Plateauing means that you’ve stopped making progress while setting yourself up for going backwards fast as soon as you flinch on your diet.  So found a way to nullify plateauing in the Velocity LEAN Diet which we feel we did.  ​​The Velocity LEAN Diet is a type of diet that we find can be run over and over (It’s just a 10 day cycle that you can repeat) repeating the cycle even all the way until the goal is accomplished. ​

Austerity, diet misery, is another problem we wanted to eliminate. We find that the Velocity LEAN Diet helps prevent the austerity that comes with various other diets.​​We want to keep the dieting process fun, interesting and challenging so our subconscious mind does not turn on us!  A lot of people fail on different diets and weight loss programs out there because it’s just to austere and mindnumbing boring.​​ I wanted to make the Velocity LEAN Diet physically friendly enough and emotionally friendly enough so I would want to stick to the diet, psychologically speaking and emotionally speaking.  So therefore, maybe you can too!​

Well how about I put it in terms of why I have made the Velocity LEAN Diet a “go to” diet for me so then therefore you can assess how the diet, the eating system, could benefit you.  I’ll also add bullet points reasons below.

What is a “Go To” Diet. This means that it’s reliable diet for that gets the job done. What’s the job? It’s getting me to look how I want to look! it’s for losing excess body fat, losing excess body weight that I don’t want while having many health benefits at the same time. And if a diet can give me the weight loss I want and also saves me a lot of time, increases my productivity and only lasts 10 days then that is a good deal! 

The Velocity LEAN Diet is also for cleaning out junk within:  internal cleansing, interstitial cleansing between the cells, giving my organs a break from having to work all the time, cleansing out of visceral fat around the organs, helping cleanse out junk tissue all over the place and last but not least, helping cleanse out fat from all over the body. 

So there’s just such a great spectrum of benefits that can be had with the Velocity LEAN Diet all at once that it makes life a lot easier and better.  No longer is weight loss, or fat burning onto a lean body a big deal.  I don’t worry anymore if I grow a little puffy, if I’ve let this slide and got a little chubbier.  Why?  Because I can just do a round or as many as needed and the Velocity LEAN Diet takes care of business. 

You know, at first I thought that this diet was pretty intense and that I probably would not be able to do much exercise while on this diet. But the opposite ended up being true! I want to exercise even more! And I wanted to even do more intense exercise.  Not that I’m saying you need to excercise on this diet but the potential for increasing energy levels is amazing.  I made a real-time video in the course explaining the incredible energy levels I got at the hardest part of this cycle. That was pretty impressive to me!​

Based on what I ideally wanted: 

From our own experience of over three decades The Velocity LEAN Diet  arguably as one of the smartest diets on the planet. Since we are not allowed to tell you what would work for you personally we can say something like:  We believe that you would do well in our opinion to gain the knowledge and understanding that we have obtained over the years and put into this diet.

Additionally, in our opinion, we believe it’s impossible to not lose weight if the diet is performed correctly.

Also built into the Velocity LEAN Diet System, because the Velocity LEAN Diet is essentially an eating system, is the ability to keep doing the two-week (10 day really) cycle over and over again until desired results are achieved. 

That’s the way it’s designed.  And it is designed to be able to keep the metabolism going so you don’t plateau out like most diets, yet you’ll be feeding your body powerful, and only powerful nutrient foods so your body can better seal and recuperate for health boosting at the same time. 

Why the Velocity LEAN Diet is better than most other diets on the planet for autophagy fat and junk tissue reduction.​

Why also is the Velocity LEAN Diet is better than just about every other diet on the planet?   Because it helps you prevent dieting plateau and metabolism slow down all while maximizing the speed of fat burning.​

The Velocity LEAN Diet was designed to target the removal of belly fat, that hard to get rid of belly fat that troubles a lot of people these days.

As you can remember from the introduction to this sales presentation as my nephew pointed out how my belly made me look like I was pregnant as a man. I had some of that thick belly fat to vanquish. 

The Velocity LEAN Diet was designed to be THAT sort of diet super fast working diet for me personally.  So speed is built into the design.  Its a really smart, advanced diet through the synergistic layering of multiple concepts at once. ​​Also keep in mind the Velocity LEAN Diet is not a lightweight diet; it is intense.  It’s a “no messing around” type of diet.  Use the Velocity LEAN diet if you are serious about getting rid of that excess body fat.​​It is doable.  But it is challenge.  Fortunately, we use a type of cycling that keeps things challenging but doable.    Besides, the duration of the diet is only 10 days.   Repeat as you need but that 10 days can be quite effective. ​

Well there are lots of different diet approaches out there but as you can read on this sales presentation.

We targeted making THEE ideal rapid weight loss diet, the perfect diet all-in-one, the most time efficient diet effort wise and time spent eating wise, while covering many different angles of weight loss all at once: fat burning, health benefits, metabolism maintenance, visceral fat reduction, belly fat reduction, appetite changing and yoyo dieting prevention and so on…

The old school body building style diet would not work for us anymore due to time constraints in addition to health care reports talking about how that diet can be related to blown organs and colons. 

From our research and experience, the keto diet starves your body out of important nutrients while slowing down your metabolism.  We have found that this type of low, no carb diet can cause more vulnerability to physical injury when weight training. 

If you are a bodybuilder, one of the worst diets you can use is the keto diet for any extended period of time because it will shrink your muscles and not allow for proper repair. So therefore it can open you up to more injury as well, muscle or joint tears, or pulls, for example.

The keto diet decreases your energy and decreases your productivity in my opinion. It makes you smell bad.  You can end up draining your body of nutrients not letting you absorb nutrients as insulin triggers absorption of nutrients into the body and insulin is strongly restricted in the keto diet.​Overall the keto diet is a gimmick diet that often causes the yo-yo effect since the keto diet may help with the gut biome in some ways but not totally.  Plus once your metabolism is slowed down from the keto diet gaining fat back onto the body can happen quickly as soon as you get off of it.  Been there.  Done that.  No fun! ​​Slowed metabolisms are the worst.  The body doesn’t want to give up that stored body fat anymore.  Plus the body can become more aggressive in trying to store body fat as fast and as much as it can.  So any little diet messup, and wham! You set yourself back days or weeks worth of dieting effort.  And that’s no fun!!​​The keto diet does have its benefits which are well-documented.  And it has those benefits for doing the diet for a short period time. But in our opinion, extended periods of time on the keto diet are counterproductive and do not give a comprehensive, whole health boost for a good-looking, healthy looking, lean and toned body.   ​

Additionally the keto diet is not sustainable.  So what should one do after the keto diet? 

Well try the more comprehensive solution which is the Velocity LEAN Diet. 

Learn from us and then you can make your own version and adapt it to you.  Create your own variations for different speeds of weight loss and/or a maintenance style diet.  You’ll likely find far more benefits with the Velocity LEAN Diet vs. the keto diet on the short, medium and long term.

You have to cook FAR LESS with the Velocity LEAN Diet saving you tons of time.  That was an important factor for us in the creation of this diet. 

On top of that, as bonuses, we have included our efficiency cooking techniques for what we call “nutrient dosing”, out of a “food as medicine” mindset, where we are able to make many high powered meals, quickly, that are in line with the Velocity LEAN Diet.

These meals or side snacks can last for days all in one short cooking session.   Of course you don’t necessarily have to cook, personally, but if you wanted to you, it can be quite helpful making foods that are clean (to our new standard of clean), that you actually like, that you even get excited about and that you know exactly what’s in them.   And with these powerful nutrient dosing cooking methods we provide you valuable skills for life, not only for weight loss but health and productivity too. 

For disclaimer purposes, legal purposes, we are not allowed to tell you how much weight you can lose or provide you personal guarantees for future success. Okay?  

But in our opinion… the Velocity LEAN Diet is REALLY Good!  And we’ve infused this diet with many potent factors that make it very difficult to NOT lose weight. 

How much weight can you lose with the Velocity LEAN Diet will also depend on how many times do you repeat the 2-week cycle. It’s really a 10-day cycle but I like to think of it in two weeks.

Additionally you could do 10 days, take a four-day break and then start up to cycle again. And that would make it 2 weeks since it’s a 10 day cycle.   So if you have more weight to lose then the concept would be that you just simply repeat the cycle until the goal is obtained.

So we like to think of the Velocity LEAN Diet as a powerful body fat ridding tool that we can just apply whenever we want to torch off some extra blubber.    

I think that is a great way to think about this diet.  It’s a tool that can be used like a “fat blow torch” to melt off excess body fat whenever we need or want.  And knowing that you have a confirmed go to way for getting a lean body accomplished can increase one’s resting confidence considerably. It can provide you confidence in many areas of life, but especially, health and relationships. 

Also if you want to accelerate your weight loss then you want to do a fat burning exercise program. We have several of those over at   That said the Velocity LEAN Diet  is a strong diet so you’ll have to coordinate a more moderate fat burning cardio program at first.   Well, that’s logically speaking.  But…

On the other hand,  personally,  especially in the peak of the Velocity LEAN Matrix I would tend to have so much energy that I would often crave doing more high intensity fat-burning exercises such as ones that were sprinting related.  Those types of exercises are great because they create a fat burning afterglow which may help accelerate the overall lean body getting process.

The Velocity LEAN Diet can be better than other diets in our opinion in that:  

Here are some studies associated with some of the benefits related to components of this diet although not limited to these studies. we have so many angles of benefit in the Velocity LEAN Diet that we could list hundreds but here are a few to get a picture.  Maybe we will add more overtime.

We’re so confident, that you’ll find this Velocity LEAN Fat Burning Diet to be so effective and that it’s impossible, in our opinion and experience, to not lose weight by strictly adhering to the diet.

Plus there’s a 60-day money back guarantee whereas if you don’t find the program today extremely effective then you can return it. We just want to make sure that you actually understand the program first because it’s SO valuable to have a method for what we call “fat burning on command!”  

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