The Ultimate Secret To Website Traffic

Product Name: The Ultimate Secret To Website Traffic


ATTENTION: Online Business Owners

If you’re trying to get profitable website traffic from digital advertising platforms like…

Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Email, or any other online media then…

This will be the most important message you will ever read.

Chances are you’re getting ripped off…

In more ways than you could ever imagine.

For example, the ad platform you’re using might be “fudging” its numbers.

As CNBC reported a few months ago…

Or the platform could be charging you out the nose…

Without you even knowing about it.

Forcing you to pay many times more than necessary.

Which practically guarantees you won’t profit.

As this shocking article in the Wall Street Journal alleges…

The platform (or some related company) could make a sudden change in an algorithm or policy.

Next thing you know website traffic drives up — leaving you stranded.

Like the iOS 14 debacle which prompted Medium to write…

Of course, these companies are providing a great service to advertisers.

After all, if you want website traffic, you have to go where the traffic is.

And they have tons of it… for a price.

Besides, platform problems are not even the worst part.

A bigger (much bigger) problem is facing 99% of online advertisers.

This is how you’re really getting ripped off.

And probably don’t even know it.

In fact, this is the major reason why…

No matter what you sell online — whether you’re an e-commerce vendor, info-marketer, coach, consultant, supplement company, etc. — this is by far…

The Single Biggest Reason Online Traffic Generation Advertising Fails Today

Hi. My name is John “Angel” Anghelache.

After working with some of the best direct marketing entrepreneurs and companies in the world over the last two decades…

I have a pretty good idea of what works (and what doesn’t work)…

When it comes to generating website traffic.

The number one problem plaguing businesses trying to get more website visitors is…

Not knowing how to get their marketing message right.

Because it doesn’t matter if you know how to push buttons to set up ads on the different platforms.

It doesn’t matter how great your agency is at segmenting and targeting potential prospects.

In the end, all of those prospects will see YOUR AD.

If your ad doesn’t compel them to respond — to click through to your website…

All the fancy algos, pixels, keyword tools, retargeting, etc. won’t do you any good.

I’m about to share with you…

THE solution to the profit-draining problem above.

So that all your online advertising becomes…

In the early 1900’s, Schlitz had fallen way behind the top brewing companies — somewhere in 10th place.

The problem was the company was using the same message to pitch their beer as everyone else.

They had to make a change or continue losing market share. But the company brass had no idea what to do. So, they hired the greatest adman in history, Claude Hopkins, to fix the problem.

Here’s what Hopkins had to say about the situation…

“In the old days all beers were advertised as ‘Pure.’The claim made no impression. The bigger the type used, the bigger the folly.”

After a little research, Hopkins told Schlitz how to reposition their marketing message.

He was met with resistance at first. Which tends to happen, since most business owners don’t really understand what their marketing message must say to get a response.

They agreed to test his strategy.

As Hopkins recounts, Schlitz shot up to number one in the beer market and ended up making…

The “greatest success that was ever made in beer advertising” up to that time.

They’re hardly an isolated case either…

Long before Domino’s Pizza became a household name…

Tom Monaghan made this shift in advertising.

Leading to record restaurant openings from just one store in 1960 to…

17,000 stores worldwide as of 2020.

Today, Domino’s is among the best companies…

This secret was then (and is now) at the heart of Domino’s Pizza continued success.

In fact, it’s so effective that it directly led to…

What Many Industry Experts Believe Is The Most Successful Campaign In The History Of Marketing

Jay Walker, founder of, stumbled upon this strategy by accident and…

It generated 2.2 million leads in 14 short days — a lead generation record!

Built the second largest e-commerce brand in the world in 120 days.

Producing the most amount of corporate revenue in the shortest amount of time… EVER!

Leading The Economist to write that some analysts consider…

This is what allows anyone (selling anything online) to…

Nail the perfect marketing message.

Which is what compels prospects to read your ads, click on them, and go to your website.

And I’m going to share it with you and explain everything in my new book…

The Ultimate Secret to Website Traffic.


60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You will get an immediate digital download copy of the book.

Which reveals the exact strategy the most successful online businesses are using to generate the maximum number of qualified website visitors who opt-in and buy.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover In This Digital Book

>>> The single most important factor that determines the success of ALL website traffic generation promotions.

>>> 4 elements of “killer” marketing proven to exponentially boost response, ROI, and the ease with which prospects turn into paying customers.

>>> Creating front end traffic generation ads for Facebook, Google, YouTube, Email (and any other traffic source) that excite and compel prospects to click through to your website.

>>> The single most important question you must ask ー and answer ー in order to drive a continuous flood of visitors to your website. (Guaranteed that not 1 in 10,000 online business owners even knows what this question… even though… everything hinges on it.)

>>> Two types of online advertising: One drives conversions and profit for small to medium size businesses… while the other… drains cash flow and typically leads to failure. (Which one are you using right now?)

>>> What the first two lines of any Facebook static ad must convey to get attention from distracted people who are scrolling through their newsfeeds in a frenzy. (Just about everyone gets this wrong.)

>>> A behavioral “quirk” of people who search online using Google… and… how this insight allows anyone to write compelling Google text ads that get noticed and clicked.

>>> The “5-Second Rule” that practically forces prospects to watch your promotional videos. (If your Facebook and YouTube video ads keep getting ignored… here’s why. Make this simple change and watch what happens.)

>>> Do you make these mistakes writing email subject lines? If so, open rates will sink like the Titanic. Follow this blueprint to craft subject lines that get emails opened and read.

>>> How to stop guessing and wasting money on advertising that could work… if only… you started with the correct strategy. (Here’s what over 120 years and trillions of dollars in testing proves is the only way to make ads profitable online, offline… or anywhere!)

>>> What really drives prospects to respond online. Most business owners have no idea. But unless you know the components of advertising that compel action revealed in Chapter 1… you’ll lose a lot of money on ads that can’t possibly work.

>>> 3 “phases” people go through before taking action. (Knowing how to deliberately move people through each of these phases is the key to creating advertising that gets results… i.e. more customers, more sales, and more profits!)

>>> Guy with marketing degree almost goes broke online. Makes one critical shift in his advertising. Turns business around within three months. Builds a seven-figure per year business when everything else failed!

>>> Only two reasons people do anything — Here’s how to ethically influence these forces of behavioral psychology to get more people to click on your ads and buy.

>>> What the average person thinks about more than anything else! Plus, how to leverage this motivating factor to rivet attention onto your products and services.

>>> “The more you tell, the more you sell.” Why this simple statement has always been true, and how to make sure you say the right things (in the right way) in all of your text and video ads.

>>> First step to creating traffic generation ads that work. This is the “make it or break it” step to crafting responsive ads. The few advertisers who do this have the best shot at hitting home run promotions right out of the gate.

>>> The true story of a struggling natural Viagra marketer who made millions. His initial promotions were bringing in marginal results. Then his mentor told him to do one simple thing. (You do it every day on your cell phone.) After following this single piece of advice, he rewrote the promotions and brought in millions and millions and millions of dollars in profit.

>>> Legally “stealing” from the competition. Why you MUST “seed” yourself on competitor emails lists… if… you want an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

>>> Cheap market research that can make you rich. If you follow this simple process, you’ll know exactly how to target new prospects, convince them to buy, and exponentially increase your Average Order Value (AOV) without having to figure anything out on your own! (Pure Genius!)

I will share some more of the secrets in my digital book in just a moment.

But first, consider this sobering fact…

eMarketer projects higher figures…

“Worldwide digital ad spending will zoom past half a trillion next year.”

Either way, it’s a lot of money. The problem is…

It’s gotten so bad that major brands…

Who are notorious for using marketing messages no one cares about…

Have been shutting down their digital ad spending recently.

Even Coca-Cola slammed the brakes on ad spending.

The company’s CEO admitted that…

“There is limited effectiveness to broad-based brand marketing.”

Especially if you have a message everyone ignores.

The best way to avoid wasting money is to get your marketing message right.

I’m going to show you how in my new book…

The Ultimate Secret to Website Traffic.


60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You will get an immediate digital download copy of the book.

Which reveals the exact strategy the most successful online businesses are using to generate the maximum number of qualified website visitors who opt-in and buy.

Plus: What 99% of Online Marketers Don’t Know About Getting More Website Traffic Including…

>>> How to mine the competition’s advertising for “gems of gold”. This is how to leverage existing ads running online and pluck out the exact keywords that will make your ads stand out from all the others.  

>>> Understanding your customer’s mind and heart. And why it’s critical to put yourself in their shoes before trying to lure them to your website. Screw this up and you’ll waste a small fortune on digital marketing. 

>>> Profiling questions that dig deep into a prospect’s psyche. Plus… how to adapt them to uncover what truly motivates people to buy in any niche market. 

>>> How to use “framing statements” to enter the conversation a typical prospect is having with themselves. This powerful technique allows you to “take over” a prospect’s thought process and guide them to a specific buying action. 

>>> A fool-proof marketing strategy “stolen” from persuasion-in-print experts. Now, you’ll know the emotional hot buttons, words, phrases, and messages to use in online ads… that… get attention and response from your target audience. 

>>> The “ultimate sin” of online lead generation ads that don’t work. It’s a silly mistake that diverts visitors away from the landing page. In the process, fewer leads get collected and fewer sales are made. (Easy to fix, too!)

>>> What is more important for Facebook ads, the image or copy? Almost every Facebook marketer gets this wrong and wonders why prospects don’t convert to leads and buyers. 

>>> Where the most captivating copy must appear in Facebook ads to hook people in. Put this copy in the wrong spot, and you’ll be burning through advertising dollars like crazy. (Make this small shift instead and the game changes in your favor immediately!)  

>>> Main difference between short-form and long-from Facebook videos. Plus: Which type works better. And the best kind of content to compel viewers to click through and find out more. (Don’t assume the answer is a forgone conclusion. Most Facebook marketers screw this up… because… it’s contrary to what seems logical.)

>>> The secret structure of ads that sell. Ask 1,000 online business owners what makes up a winning ad… and… you’ll get 1,000 different answers. Here’s the real answer based on trillions of dollars of testing… not guessing. 

>>> How to “read the minds” of people searching on Google! (This just might be the perfect strategy for creating search ads that practically force people to click… or… they won’t be able to sleep at night.)

>>> Critical differences and similarities between YouTube and Facebook video ads. Knowing these nuances (especially what you do in the first 80% of a YouTube video) could be a game-changer!

>>> Email lead generation secrets that defy so-called “best practices” advice. How long should a responsive email be? Should you include images or not? How many links? Here’s what really works in the real world for higher click-throughs and sales. 

>>> Discovering the “dominant emotion” of your target prospect! And how this crucial technique could drive response off the charts in all the advertising you run from now on. 

>>> The mindset you must have to beat the competition hands down. Few develop this “do-or-die” attitude. But those who do usually win… and win big!


60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You will get an immediate digital download copy of the book.

Which reveals the exact strategy the most successful online businesses are using to generate the maximum number of qualified website visitors who opt-in and buy.

Even More Ways to Get More Website Visitors Who Turn Into Paying Customers

>>> “Facebook Ads Spying Secrets: How to track every competitor running Facebook static or video ads… in real time! Do this first and you will put the odds of success squarely on your shoulders.

>>> Which advertising appeals are resonating with prospects on Facebook? This is how you will know… before… spending a single dime!

>>> How to tell if a digital marketing agency has a clue. Sorry to say, but most ad agencies have no idea how to create profitable ads. Sure, they can push buttons to set up accounts on ad platforms… but… when it comes to “getting the click” they’re at a loss. Here’s what to do if you’re faced with this common situation.

>>> 4 elements of a killer head-turning headline… and… why three of these elements are mandatory to rivet attention.

>>> Should you use “guerrilla videos” or high-end production videos on Facebook? The fact is a video shot on an iPhone often out-performs agency-produced videos that look great but don’t include this critical response-booster.

>>> Where to send prospects from a Facebook static ad or video. This is one of the biggest blunders online business owners make… and… they pay for it with less leads and less sales. The solution is so simple and effective. It could triple your bottom line.

>>> The Instant Credibility Strategy: Do this every time you make a claim (especially a big claim) and watch click-throughs go through the roof. (It’s one of the easiest ways to increase the believability of all your offers.)

>>> The Ultimate YouTube Video Advertising Shortcut. No… this is not about the technical parts of shooting a video. This is where you’ll find the best-pulling videos on YouTube ー with actual stats on views, spend, and even transcribed scripts.

>>> Question to ask before writing Google search ads. Almost no one bothers doing this simple exercise that can exponentially increase your odds of success in search results.

>>> Where to find the best email sales copy online. When I say “best” I mean emails that get opened, read, and clicked at a higher rate than any others. These are the emails you should collect, read, and swipe before writing your own.

>>> 4 things that must happen for your emails to bring home the bacon. If any of these four things is off… your results will be drastically compromised.

>>> 3 types of email lists. You’ll find out which type is most responsive, which one offers the biggest reach, and how to make all three of them pay off like gangbusters.

>>> The five sections of a well-structured sales email. And how to write each section to get either a click-through or a sale on the spot.

>>> How to write profit-making emails for your specific niche. Why most “gurus” are dead-wrong when it comes to what works in one niche versus another.

>>> “Sensational Facts”: How to use these persuasion gems to crank-up the results of every email you send out from now on!


60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

You will get an immediate digital download copy of the book.

Which reveals the exact strategy the most successful online businesses are using to generate the maximum number of qualified website visitors who opt-in and buy.

Of course, you might be wondering…

“Does this guy know what he’s talking about?”

To answer that question…

Take A Look At What Some Of My Clients Have To Say…

“John has made me many millions of dollars in sales. I would highly recommend you hiring him if youget the opportunity. You’ll be glad you did!” — Jordan Hansen, JJ Management LLC

“John knows what he’s talking about. I know, because I hired him! He produced millions of dollars in sales.” — Michel Fortin, Consultant

“Pulling in sales and making money, which is the real world test.” — Joe Vitale, Star of The Secret

“I hired [John]. I am delighted with the results.” — Gary Halbert, World Famous Copywriter

“John has far and away exceed my expectations. He has been a consistent force in helping us generate clients. My return on investment so far is 605%!” — Matt Solomon, CEO, Center For Enlightened Business

“My return on investment in John’s services (so far) is a staggering 1,078.64%. And since there is a recurring service fee the ROI will grow each and every month.” — Dave Moore

“A recent promotion he strategized and wrote resulted in an incredible 1,425% return on my advertising investment. John knows what it takes to craft direct response ads both online and offline that bring in profits.” — Clifford Mee,

“John Anghelache came highly recommended as a direct response copywriter and marketer who can produce results. He crafted a promotion for one of our front-end products that generated an 11.5% response for the initial test. John has my highest recommendation.” — Chad Edwards, Tri 3 Media

I’ve used the strategy in my digital book to help build two 8-figure businesses from scratch…

Produce ad campaigns that have appeared in major media throughout the country…

Like USA Today, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and others.

At last count, the direct response promotions I created and launched have…

And I’m using the same strategy with current clients…

Who are spending millions of dollars on digital advertising right now!

If you too would like to know how to use the ultimate secret to website traffic…

It’s Easy To Get A Digital Copy Of My Book Today…

The primary reason you are not getting more website traffic is because…

The marketing message in your online ads is not compelling prospects to click.

Therefore, the solution to this problem is to know how to create marketing messages that get attention, get read, and get clicked on.

Creating powerful and compelling marketing messages is a process.

It is a step-by-step process anyone can duplicate.

But you have to know how.

Otherwise, you’ll be like 99% of online business owners…

Who are guessing and wasting a fortune on ads that don’t work.

Guessing is not a winning strategy that brings in predictable profits.

In my digital book, you’ll discover the process I’ve used for over two decades to…

Drive millions of visitors to websites across dozens of different markets.

This is not a “shiny object” tactic or “flavor-of-the-month” marketing gimmick.

Instead, this is a core strategy that will always work…

Regardless of the online or offline media you use.

Grab your copy of The Ultimate Secret to Website Traffic today.

You can download it in the next few minutes and read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting.

Then apply the strategy it reveals to your online advertising.

Put it to the test for the next 60 days… RISK FREE!

If you’re not thrilled with the results, let us know within the first 60 days of your order… and… you will receive a full refund of every penny you paid.

And you can keep the digital book with my compliments.

This means you have a full two months to see…

How this strategy can help you drive more website traffic to your offers…

Than anything else you’ve tried before.

With no risk to you at all.

Before you spend another penny advertising online…

As you’ve seen, the most successful online and offline companies in history have used the strategy it reveals to…

While I can’t promise you similar results…

What I can promise is that by using this strategy…

All of your online advertising could become more effective and more profitable.

So… click the button below.

Get your digital copy of my book right now.

And I look forward to welcoming you aboard in the next few minutes.


60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee


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