The French Paleo Burn Weight Loss Program

Product Name: The French Paleo Burn Weight Loss Program



Attention: Women Over 35 Struggling To Lose Weight.

Are you ready to quit your diet? According to research11, women have tried 61 diets before their 45th birthday!.. Shocking. Going from diet to diet is a vicious circle that only leaves us more overweight each time.

Diets have let me down before and if you’re like me, you must be as frustrated as I was. You see, we’ve been told SILLY things like: 

Let me be clear. It’s important to know that being overweight and feeling inadequate in our own body is just not our fault. Nobody showed us what to do and what not to do to be fit, confident, and happy. In fact, very few U.S. experts know about “The Weight Loss Solution”, so why would we?

… The brand new special way of living that is easy, simple, and help women just like you FINALLY get a firm and sexy body, with almost NO EFFORTS at all


I believe everyone deserves a healthy, happy life into the fit body of their dreams. I can’t wait to share with you the exact steps you need to make losing weight easy, quick, and fun.

I’m also a busy, working mom of 3, over the age of 35, and I’ve been told that I’m really fit.

I’m an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, research scientist, weight loss expert and published writer. I’ve helped hundreds of patients melt away fat, feel healthy and happy.

I haven’t always been this way.

In fact, just like many other women, I spent a few years struggling with my weight and tried so many tactics to get it off.

I went on crazy diets, starved myself, spent hours in the gym… I was embarrassed by my body. I covered my stomach at the beach. I had cellulite in the backs of my legs and didn’t want to wear shorts.

I gained 50 pounds each with my first two pregnancies. Although some of the weight came off, I still found myself overweight, depressed, irritable.

My self-esteem was low, I gave up on my goals, and it even affected my job and marriage.

“I don’t want to go to the gym because everyone will stare at me and think I’m fat.”

“I don’t have time to get back into shape.”

“It’s going to be too hard to lose the weight.”

“I’m embarrassed to run because my butt jiggles from behind.”

“My weight is the result of my genetics.”

“I just need to accept it for what it is.”

By a unique turn of events, my life changed so dramatically in just a short period of time. And truth be told… it had EVERYTHING to do with the way I felt in my own body.

I went from being a divorced and single, overweight mom working in a low-paying, dead-end job, to dropping 4 dress sizes, marrying the man of my dreams, earning my Master’s degree to work as a nurse practitioner, and becoming a PhD candidate.

As I said, my life had reached rock bottom.At some point, I met a man from France who also happened to be a famous French chef.


When I met him, his accent was so thick, I could barely understand him.

We started dating and it was so much fun to giggle at our cultural differences. Apparently life in France is MUCH different than in the US. Anyway, things started to get really serious, really quickly and…

…he asked me to marry me after only 4 weeks, and what’s even crazier is:I said yes!

Newly engaged, he took me to France for the first time. I had never left the US before and didn’t even own a passport.

Enjoying delicious French food and still losing weight. Can you believe it?.. I’ll show you how to easily do that on this page.

It was so much fun to be the only American there. They taught me some French. They took me to the outdoor markets, we bought baguettes and croissants every morning.

I learned to cook with his mom, and GOSH…

Endless meals at the family table!… It seemed that once lunch was over around 4 pm, it was time to start preparing dinner!

We would eat amazing, delicious foods all day long… And yet!.. I was in the best shape of my life!

These are some of the amazing foods we would eat on a daily basis without gaining weight.

I have never seen the French in a gym.

None of my husband’s family had a gym membership.

None of them went jogging.

None of them power-walked, did squats or ab crunches.

They think it’s painful, boring, and they don’t even bother with it!

Sure, they took casual walks to the market, or went mushroom-hunting, but they certainly never really broke a sweat.

As a medical professional, I was determined to understand how and why the tricks I learned in France worked so well.

I went through piles and piles of medical studies.

I worked very long days to research the scientific link between nutrition, exercise, and the French lifestyle.

I interviewed my mother-in-law and many other French women. I also talked to my husband about the French culture and made it my life mission to come up with the answers that would help me blend in and be like the other skinny French women I met overseas.

The secret I discovered is that losing stubborn belly fat (and keeping it off forever) is NOT about extreme dieting or exercising. It’s not about dangerous lose-weight-fast supplements or easy-fix pills. It’s not about struggling.

Nor is it about restriction.

And before I tell you EXACTLY how and why this weight loss solution is working for me, millions of French women, and the thousands of American women I already helped…

I MUST warn you of something… You’ve been LIED to… BIG TIME!

90% of Your Supermarket Foods are Actually Killing You

Today’s “Healthy Foods” in America are actually KILLING your metabolism, draining your energy, making you fatter, and robbing years from your life.

Did you know that 90% of the foods you eat everyday are actually laced with little known deadly Ingredients?

It’s true, even if you eat the healthiest foods in the world these hidden health food killers are currently swimming inside your blood stream and piling up inside the cells of your body at an alarming rate.

The TRUTH is most of what you’ve been told to lose weight and burn off stubborn belly fat is flat out WRONG and is actually destroying your metabolism as you age and making you fatter… FASTER than ever.

Uncover the Truth about Fat-Burning Delicious Foods

This weight loss solution uncovers the simple, delicious fat-burning tricks that allow you to devour such foods as Lasagna, BBQ pork, or even amazing chocolate cupcakes, all while effortlessly burn body fat at a dramatically fast rate.

You’re about to discover the secret to eating delicious mouthwatering comfort foods that send your taste buds soaring while making your frustrating body flab disappear FAST as you FINALLY achieve the healthy, energized and youthful body you truly desire.

All you need to do is simply swap out the fat storing foods you currently have in your kitchen with these quick and delicious fat-burning food swaps to FINALLY reveal your slimmest, healthiest, and most energized body EVER – faster than you ever imagined possible.

Which is amazing when you think about it because you’ll be enjoying your favorite comfort foods that most experts tell you to avoid.

100% of Diets Are NEVER Sustainable

Most so-called experts are absolutely wrong when it comes to fat-burning foods…

The Only Easy Approach: The Paleo Burn

The truth is… Right now there are millions and men and women in France who are breaking all the rules of the typical American diet.

What do they know that you don’t?

If you think you’ve tried everything and you feel as though nothing will help you look and feel the way you truly desire – be sure to read every word on this page and I guarantee you that you will be both amazed and relieved that you have FINALLY found the answer you’ve been looking for.

You cannot find a 2-step program like this anywhere else. It has never been made available to the public until NOW on this very page.

The secret is to scientifically engineer a fat-burning phase, followed by a plateau-booster and maintenance phase.

So that you can experience a body that is much more energized and refreshed, let alone fit and toned for a lifetime.

Workouts Are (At Least) 80% Useless

No, exercising MORE, strenuous workouts, tiring “cardio”, may be popular among fitness fanatics, but they are NOT The Solution.

For instance, crunches are a common exercise in gyms everywhere and are supposed to be making your belly flat. However, scientific studies (and French women!) tell us this is untrue. The truth is… they’re not only hard on your body and uncomfortable, but they are also unnatural and completely useless. Why do them?..

You see, science tells us that losing a ton of weight relies on 80% diet, and only 20% exercise. And that exercise should NOT to be strenuous.

Easy-Soft Primal movements

If you REALLY want to be on the side of science, and get a firm and sexy body at the same time, you need to STOP strenuous exercise right now.

Since it is established by the scientific community that a sensible diet is more effective than “crazy” workouts, you need an easier, softer, and more natural way of burning calories. These come in the form of the most primal movements human beings (especially women over 35!) have followed for centuries and centuries: walking and moving your body at a natural and safe pace.

Keep reading below to discover what these life-saving movements are, and how they can turn off your metabolic clock TODAY, and turn ON fat-burning hormones that instantly burn body fat.

As my body looked better and better, I regained confidence.

I was a changed, free, and empowered woman.

Since then, I have kept my ideal weight and have kept it for years, even during and after my last pregnancy. Again using the tricks I’ve learned from my stays in France.


So I started Paleo the day you gave me the GO! I am down 5 pounds and I love the food! I love to cook…so all your recipes are fun and yummy. Thank you so much.

This will benefit anyone who needs to lose a lot of weight or just want to tone up and feel better FOREVER. This is not a diet but a way of life, I wanna be French!! LOL

I am a nurse and understand what clean living does for people’s health but the way it’s explained here makes so much sense and makes you feel like you can really do this. I am excited to change my ways of eating and helping my husband to eat better so we feel better and live long healthy lives.

I believe this program can benefit everyone!

Believe me I have tried every diet known to man…..from HCG injections and very low calorie diets with phentermine and B12 injections to….. yes, even the grapefruit diet. I am a health care professional with board certifications in cholesterol management and advanced diabetes management, so I know a few things about the science of fat and insulin levels. This program breaks it down into very simple steps and phases that make it very easy to understand and follow.

I’ll admit, when I heard a French Chef was in charge of creating the recipes I thought it would be full of ingredients I had never heard of and be too complicated for my basic cooking skills. I found just the opposite… simple recipes that come with pictures that will literally make your mouth water.

I was very skeptical about the “cheat day” each week. However, understanding the leptin and ghrelin phenomenon I see how this makes total scientific sense. Also, I love the section on mindful eating. So many times I sit in front of my computer working while I scarf down lunch. Then when I am finished I am unaware that I have eaten and didn’t take time to enjoy it. There is definitely a feeling of not being satisfied or satiated.

This program can make a difference in someone’s life in the first week.

The biggest lesson I learned is what I can eat and what to eliminate. Everyone can benefit from this program. It will take time to adjust to changes but there will be immediate difference.

I have gone about weight loss wrong every time. I have done the pills, no carbs, weight watchers and many more failed attempts. Each of those diets ended in gaining all the weight back and at times gaining more than I originally lost.

Looking at The French Paleo Burn as a lifestyle change is my goal. A lifestyle that will allow me to be healthier and have more energy to enjoy my kids. In the end everyone around me will benefit from this.

The biggest lesson I learned is the purpose of mindful eating and its role in making a permanent lifestyle change. I have found that I have met with the most success when I have a cheat day and I was thrilled to see that this plan includes one. One of the other important things I learned was that calorie counting is not necessary with this plan. In the past I have found that calorie counting led me to be constantly thinking about food and in turn I was not able to make the changes permanent.

I am happy to also report my entire family will be participating. Everyone was able to find some recipes they want to try and I have purchased ingredients for them for this week. I can’t imagine eating this clean would not benefit EVERYBODY!

Your program is a very comprehensive, well written, multifaceted plan. The crockpot cookbook and workout videos are my favorite so far. I am looking forward to 2017 with an increased amount of enthusiasm now with this plan on board.

Before this I couldn’t have told you what “Paleo” meant exactly, nevermind how complicated it sounded. Carissa serves it up straight, quick and clean! I am stunned at how simple it really is!

I learned that pasta and rice can aid in weight loss (No Way!) And how to prepare them to do so. It was enlightening to discover the reasons behind “dieting” plateaus and how important it is to CHEAT! The concept of mindful eating is invaluable.

I believe this clean healthy and balanced eating (You CAN have carbs, fat and chocolate) could be the right prescription for our country’s metabolic and sugar crisis!

I am a mother and working professional so I need flexibility. This program is not overwhelming, applies easy to understand concepts, and gives you complete control while challenging you to set realistic goals. I can’t think of anyone it would NOT benefit.

The biggest lesson I learned was the concept of mindful eating. I realize that I am not enjoying my food or really taking the time to savor the flavor. Often I am eating on the go because I’m unprepared and I’m usually very hungry so that causes me to eat faster because my body is starved. Mindful eating makes me stop and take time to understand what I’m eating and why I’m eating.



So that you can accomplish more while being less tired at the end of the day.

To finally get the dream body you deserve.

That keeps you underperforming at work and feeling behind.

To be able to fit into your favorite dress.

So that you can keep up with your partner and kids.

So that you stop stressing about food, and start enjoying it.

So that you can feel satisfied at the end of a meal, and not tortured.

While eating delicious foods at home that are easy to prepare.

So that you limit the risk of injury and still get efficient results.

Science-Based, Doctor EngineeredWeight Loss Program

You’ll get full access to my entire LIFETIME Weight Loss System . You’ll learn how to burn off belly fat and get the same lean silhouette as Parisian women.

14-Day Meal Planswith Easy Shopping Lists

Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Get in and out of the grocery store in record time.

50+ Paleo-InspiredFat-Burning Cookbook

This is just not an ordinary cookbook. Rather, this is a chef-curated, fat-burning powerhouse dedicated to crafting a new you so that you can achieve the sexy body of your dreams. Effortlessly. Because 80% of your weight loss efforts lie in the food you choose, cook, and eat.


To The French Paleo Burn.

Here is exactly how it works:

This is the core of The French Paleo Burn. Inspired by the French lifestyle and habits of skinny French women, I designed this easy-to-follow, done-for-you paleo program that will melt off your bulk and get you where you want to be in no time.

Truth be told… It’s a jungle out there. Look at the aisles of your supermarket. How can anybody really know for sure what’s healthy to eat and what is not.

Shameless marketers want you to buy this or that product. Don’t believe any of them. I will show you exactly what you need to grab to reach your weight loss goals, and avoid nightmare ingredients that makes you gain a ton of fat.

As I said before, the French do NOT go to the gym. They actually practice what I call “Easy-Soft” workouts that don’t put you out of breath, are easy to do, and fit nicely into your life here in America.

Also in Phase #1 you will discover Mindful Eating.

That may be the most groundbreaking part of The French Paleo Burn. You see, I’m a researcher and I have studied mindful eating extensively. This is a well-researched, effective way of living in the moment and realizing what is helpful to you and your body, so that you can lose weight much faster than normal.

French women do that naturally because it is part of their culture. But I will show you the easy tricks you can do almost anywhere and only require you to use your brain effortlessly.

As I said before, my husband is a famous French chef and the author of Eat More, Burn More. So it’s fair to say that he knows more about this French Paleo Hack than anyone else.

And he compiled his 50+ best paleo recipes with stunning photos, so that you can melt stubborn belly fat in no time at all.

With the French Paleo Burn, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

French women are slim, fit, and they keep their figure. Once they lost weight with Phase #1, then they enter a maintenance phase that is un-restrictive and easy.

In Phase #2, you’ll discover the exa ct blueprint to maintain your ideal weight, and how to keep it forever.

You’ll enjoy protein and vegetables, energizing carbs, and even “forbidden” ingredients like pasta, rice, and potatoes.

And also pastries!.. Did you know that elegant pastries are very popular in France? French women do NOT restrict themselves.

They have a trick, though: They always consume pastries at the very end of the meal. It makes sense. It is scientifically proven that your body does not absorb sugar as efficiently at the end of the meal.

Therefore, they indulge in sweets, but don’t gain an ounce.

Give yourself a break from all the “diet guru” clutter. This is science-based straight talk. Grab this and finally understand HOW to get a nice, firm, toned body you can be proud of. For a lifetime.

Apart from marrying a French chef (as I did) and spending countless summers in the South of France with your in-laws, this is the next best thing. These French women do know how to keep their figure, and it’s revealed right here in 20 powerful secrets.

19 follow-along videos featuring our easy-soft movements if you want to accelerate your results. Strenuous workouts are not recommended. Rather, these primal movements are easy and can be done anywhere, without equipment, and without breaking a sweat.

I’m a healthcare professional with a serious scientific career. Frankly, I want to make sure you qualify to use my program. My goal is to have a 100% success rate. YOUR 100% success rate.

You are unwilling to make a few minor changes to the foods you eat.

Any effective program requires you to adapt a bit. If that’s the case and you’re not committed, then please look for the same old usual yo-yo diet. As I said, I pride myself on having close to a 100% success rate, and I can’t focus on uncommitted people. I’m sure you understand that.

You think you have too much weight to lose.

Not true. Some of my patients have lost as much as 210 lbs, and some have used this weight loss program to lose the last 5 lbs they wanted to lose to get the body of their dreams. My program applies to everybody who’s interested in getting in shape, safely and fast.

You think you’re “out of shape.”

Then you will see the biggest results out of any of my patients. My program is highly customizable, from complete beginner to accomplished athletes. I personally commit to show you the right, easy way, and together, we’ll make this happen.

You don’t believe in it,

and you still think that starving yourself and suffering through punishing workouts is the only way to lose weight. You don’t really believe that such a simple weight loss solution has been sitting right there in front of you the whole time. If that’s the case, then you’re setting yourself up for another failure: yo-yo dieting, 120% weight gain, and back to square one.

Listen, I don’t know ANYONE who is as busy as my husband and I. We have 5 children, crazy-busy careers, many activities, friends, and travels. If I can make it work, I guarantee you that you can too. I’ve specifically adapted this “French Paleo Hack” so that you get the best results in a few minutes a week.

Too old to feel energetic, happy, and full of life?… Let me be clear. This program is not designed for 20-year-olds. It’s designed for women of ANY age over 35. As a Nurse Practitioner, I am well aware of problematic hormone issues that may prevent menopausal women from losing stubborn belly fat. It’s for that reason that this weight loss solution works.

Your hormones are “acting up.”

My program is specifically designed to match your hormonal and metabolic changes. Even if you’re going through menopause, you can still achieve the flat and toned belly you desire.

You think this is “just another fad diet.”

I respect everyone’s opinion. Remember however that this is not a “diet”. Instead, this is a makeover, a transformation based on scientific research AND a permanent lifestyle that has been around the French culture for centuries. Hardly a “trend”.

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Let us know within 60 days if you’re not fully satisfied, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

If you don’t discover how you can have the foods you LOVE and still lose weight with my weight loss program, cookbook, and bonuses, or if you simply don’t LOVE any of The French Paleo Burn products for ANY reason, not only can you keep the products and digital downloads, but we’ll also give you every single cent back.

You can try the techniques, recipes, and meal plans found in The French Paleo Burn for a full 60 days. If you’re not satisfied at any time during those 60 days, just let us know, and we’ll send you a full refund.

You are so well-protected by this guarantee, and we are so sure that our program are healthy AND delicious, that there is NO risk to you at all.

That’s how confident we are that this weight loss solution will work for you AND that you will lose these recipes and products.


As a Doctor, a published wellness author, and a fit mom of three, I can honestly say that this is the most effective weight loss solution anywhere.

So if you’re even remotely interested in learning the truth about permanent fat loss… If you’re one of those special, action-taking ladies, then come on board with me and join me today, because you and I are going to have a lot of fun!

Carissa Alinat, PhD, ARNP
CEO of Origin Weight Loss
Creator of The French Paleo Burn
Fitness & Health Published Author

Carissa Alinat, PhDc, ARNP
CEO of Origin Weight Loss
Creator of The French Paleo Burn
Fitness & Health Published Author

P.S. Yes, I’ve been told by other industry professionals that I was “crazy” to offer this program at such a rock bottom price. For now, it’s staying low because I want the maximum of moms to benefit from my knowledge and experience.

But make sure you ACT NOW before I decide otherwise and raise my pricing.

P.P.S. Remember to take advantage of my Triple Guarantee. You have 60 Days to try my weight loss program for Free.

Have a question? We’ve probably answered it below!

Q. Will this weight loss program really help me lose fat?

Of course. I easily lost 20 lbs soon after my husband and I moved in together. In addition, as a Healthcare Researcher, I refined the program to boost your metabolism and focus on fat loss for women, especially stubborn belly fat.

Q. Do I need to count calories?

Absolutely not. French women do not count calories and neither should you or me. Who has time for that? Instead, I will teach you how to eat to your heart’s content and still lose weight.

Q. Why does the program work so well for women over 35?

Most programs or “yo-yo diets” fail women over 35 simply because they are not designed for us. Losing weight with a naturally decreased metabolism as we age becomes even MORE important the older you get. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 – If you’re a woman struggling to lose belly weight as you age then you must follow a specific program designed for a woman your age.

Q. How long before I see results?

It depends on the person, but it’s typical to have most women lose substantial weight before a few weeks, and see results in as little as a week!

Q. What if I have a lot of weight to lose? Will this work for me?

Yes. In fact, you might see the results faster than anybody. It will be exciting to witness extreme weight loss, and feel the confidence kicking in. We ask that you share your progress with us, too!

Q. Will anything else be sent to me, or billed to me, after I purchase?

No. This is a one-time charge only. You will receive everything instantly, thanks to all our products being digital and downloadable right after purchase.

Q. Is The French Paleo Burn book, cookbook and bonuses sent to my house?

Q. Is The French Paleo Burn suitable for men too?

Yes, men would benefit. Especially tasting my delicious family recipes . But my program is specifically designed for women over 35.

Q. Do I need a gym membership or a bunch of equipment?

No. The easy soft workouts are designed to occur in the comfort of your own home and do not require a gym membership or equipment. Save that money!

Q. What about the yo-yo effect? Will I experience it?

The so-called “yo-yo” effect occurs when patients (especially women over 35) go on inefficient short-term “diet”, then off, then on again. So on and so forth. This causes the body to gain and lose weight, then regain the weight and more because it hurts their metabolism. Very often, people on “crazy diets” experience a weight gain of 120% a few weeks after quitting.

Q. What about the yo-yo effect? Will I experience it?

The so-called “yo-yo” effect occurs when patients (especially women over 35) go on inefficient short-term “diet”, then off, then on again. So on and so forth. This causes the body to gain and lose weight, then regain the weight and more because it hurts their metabolism. Very often, people on “crazy diets” experience a weight gain of 120% a few weeks after quitting.

This program is not a “diet” per se. Rather, it promotes healthy lifestyle changes with no restrictions, so that you never really go off the “diet”, and therefore never experience a 120% weight gain.

Q. Are the recipes Paleo friendly?

Yes, all recipes in Phase 1 are suitable to the paleo lifestyle.

Q. What if I don’t know much about eating Paleo?

Not a problem. It’s very easy and Phase 2 is not strictly Paleo.

Q. How long does it take to cook the recipes, start to finish?

Every recipe varies but all recipes are designed to take less than 30 minutes of active time.

Q. Is it going to be expensive to follow the recipes?

Absolutely not. In fact, all recipes have been designed to be not only affordable, but also to save you money so that you don’t need to eat out, or rely on expensive take-out.

Q. What if The French Paleo Burn is not for me?

No problem. I’m confident you will absolutely love seeing the results, and how fit and confident you become. But just in case you don’t love it, just use my Triple Money Back Guarantee.

Click The “Buy Now” Button To Take Advantage of Today’s Deal


Let us know within 60 days if you’re not fully satisfied, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

If you don’t discover how you can have the foods you LOVE and still lose weight with my weight loss program, cookbook, and bonuses, or if you simply don’t LOVE any of The French Paleo Burn products for ANY reason, not only can you keep the products and digital downloads, but we’ll also give you every single cent back.

You can try the techniques, recipes, and meal plans found in The French Paleo Burn for a full 60 days. If you’re not satisfied at any time during those 60 days, just let us know, and we’ll send you a full refund.

You are so well-protected by this guarantee, and we are so sure that our program are healthy AND delicious, that there is NO risk to you at all.

That’s how confident we are that this weight loss solution will work for you AND that you will lose these recipes and products.


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Due to FTC compliance, it is imperative that we identify what a typical result is. The honest truth: people who are not action-takers won’t do anything with the products they buy. So most of the time, their typical results are not satisfactory. The biggest factor is you. There is no such thing as a miracle pill or silver bullet. You’re the only one that can make this happen. So step up and let’s make your dream body a reality!

This information is intended for educational purposes and is not medical advice. You should consult your physician or other medical provider before starting this or any other weight loss program. This program is meant for healthy adults and should not be used by pregnant or lactating mothers. The author and affiliates disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from this information.

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