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They didn’t build a sustainable business model that can also request funding or support on demand. The Business Plan Benchmark™ is a straight-forward, proven framework that dramatically shortcuts the path to one NOW.

Swiftly and Without the Guesswork Especially If Funding Is Needed

Having resources doesn’t ensure success without having a sustainable business model in place. And having a run-of-the-mill (AKA non-sustainable) business plan doesn’t ensure funding or support.

Whether it’s time to scale or resources are needed to execute strategies for getting to the next level—big or small—having a formal (and sustainable) business plan not only guides the way, it is used as a marketing tool to request multiples levels of funding and support on demand. 

Getting support is critical to maintaining momentum as business grows. Whether just starting out and a little boost is needed to get the ball rolling or business is ready to scale to new heights, having the resources available is crucial to keep the needle moving in the right direction.  

“Wow, I thought things would be so different by now.”

“I thought I’d be a successful entrepreneur by now.”

“I thought I’d have more money in the bank by now.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t have to work so hard just to pay my bills.”

Most entrepreneurs have those thoughts and they are not alone, but it’s time to move forward because that’s exactly why The Business Plan Benchmark™ was created.

This is a topic that I am super passionate about because I have been there too, and I know how to help. 

In fact, all a negative economy does is accelerate failure for the businesses that were already on a path to fail. Seems counter intuitive doesn’t it?

SBA data shows that businesses that start in expanding economies, those that start just before a downturn, and those that start just after a downturn have almost identical survival paths.

After helping entrepreneurs in various industries from manufacturing, health & wellness, ecommerce and business services, what I have found is that most struggle with cash flow and have trouble acquiring funding when it’s needed because they’re missing some very basic things that no one ever taught them. 

The economy needs small businesses to thrive. Getting support is NOT the problem. The resources are all there—but—it is also not the solution if there isn’t a sustainable business model in place.

But it happens for those who have a sustainable plan in the first place. Believe it or not—for those that take intelligent action—the time is now.

“Waiting to see what happens” is not a strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail. I bet you’ve heard that one.

So then why don’t more entrepreneurs follow a proven system?

Because most entrepreneurs think they can wing it. 

They get excited (or desperate) and dive into the unknown

That’s the equivalent of trying to assemble an expensive piece of machinery without reading the manual or asking for help.

The business owners that are thriving (especially in times of crisis) are the ones who

So, the only thing that’s missing is a sustainable business plan.

Having one ensures that business cash flow is never a problem. 

Business cash flow is the #1 resource needed to continue investing in proven systems.

but uncertainty of how to get it,

a need to know how to scale so that funding isn’t lost

I want to share a very special offer.

I can show how to move from uncertainty to rock-solid confidence (not overconfidence—there is a difference!).

Now is the time to build your business—the right way.

Join the action-based workshop created from the award-winning business plan that 18 top executives and CEOs all agree is sustainable and fundable. 

Joining grants the limited offer to receive our time-tested resources, so taking proven action means joining now and implementing the exact strategy and tools this transformational program has to offer. 

It’s time to create a sustainable business plan that is so powerful, support will be received whenever it’s needed.

In reality, the more entrepreneurs that execute this knowledge, the better it is for all of us.

Founder of The Academy of Human Potential

Melissa is a conscious entrepreneur, Forbes Business Council Member, and subject-matter expert in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 26000 with a background in business development and quality engineering. She consults for ISO certified companies and has generated impressive results for the highly regulated medical device, aerospace, and holistic health industries. She and her team coach conscious entrepreneurs and business owners on how to develop sustainable business models that gain immediate buy-in from stakeholders—and now she wants to help you.

The last thing anyone wants is to waste precious time, money and energy trying to figure this out on their own. Use a proven framework that actually works!We can guide you because we’ve traveled this terrain before.

There is a specific process for building a sustainable business model that gets funded on demand and THIS IS IT:

This module is the foundation for all others that follow.

→ You will know the five key concepts for developing a sustainable business model.

→  This is the critical moment where you will uncover your primary aim in life.

→  Upon completion, you will have a clear vision and direction for how to run your business – so that you can live a deeply satisfying life filled with purpose.

This module will show you how to integrate social responsibility into your business model.

→  You will discover the real reason why investors look for socially-conscious leaders.

→  You will demonstrate awareness and control of your social performance in the market.

→  You will learn how social responsibility, quality management, and risk management are integrated as a single offer.

Before embarking on the development of your business plan, it is essential that you are aware of the current state of your endeavor. 

→  This is the Assessment module to determine the state of your business.

→  You will articulate your thoughts and act on your mountain of knowledge and experience.

This module is specifically designed for content flow preparations.

→  You will set your business model up for continued success by discovering the burning need of your market.

→  You will know the five tactics you must apply and the five mistakes you must avoid when writing your business plan—and more.

This module covers all of the major aspects required in a comprehensive plan.

→  You will see the anatomy of an award-winning business model.

→  You will know the key elements that must not be left behind.

→  You will discover three critical steps to help you generate momentum and stay on point.

This module will guide you in making sure you include what investors and lenders are looking for in a sound financial plan.

→  You will detail your revenue model and make feasible assumptions.

→  You will determine your milestones, funding requirements, and use of funds.

→  You will develop and finalize your financial projections.

In this final module, you will take what you have learned and apply it.

→  This is the synthesis module and your opportunity for comprehensive feedback on your business plan draft (PLUS and COMPLETE program levels only).

→  This module awards the opportunity for deep reflection of your learning journey and gives you a clear direction on how to move forward! You will be provided with valuable resources from our team to get you to the next level.

This is where you will get access to The Business Plan Benchmark Model. 

→  An award-winning business model that was presented to 18 top executives in leading biotech companies, financial service institutions, major media, and other regulated industries 

→ Among 60 teams of competitors, this business plan was awarded and announced as a Winner at the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in Miami, Florida. 

→  This is your comprehensive guide to a funded, sustainable, and conscious business model. To this day, we use this example as a benchmark for all of our projects, and its return on investment never fails us.

What else do you need to make this a successful and satisfying journey? 

→  Our program comes fully loaded with a powerful Trello board that lays out every step to take for populating the 11 sections of your Sustainable Business Model Canvas that will go into your business plan! 

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel. Save your precious time by using this bonus.

→  We will provide you with a pre-formatted business plan template fully linked to a dynamic financial model in Excel.

→ Your business plan template has questions, prompts, and exercises to help you properly articulate your thoughts and ideas on paper.

→  Once you have completed your financial projections, all you have to do is refresh your charts and they will automatically populate in your business plan.

How complex is your business model?

If your business model happens to be operationally intensive such as in special cases of manufacturing, high-level distribution, or complex system services, then you would benefit from having a more in-depth financial model.

It’s here if you need it!

“Melissa has an intuition and a depth of knowledge that was of extraordinary value to me. Being a bit of an out-of-the-box thinking entrepreneur and sometimes guilty of allowing my ideas to get ahead of me, she saw the vision in my plans and it was obvious to her where I needed to focus and streamline to forge a path to a successful outcome. She is an indispensable ally and her selfless drive to help others succeed is something which I’m very grateful for being one of the recipients of.” … “Your course has already started having a really positive effect on my life! Thank you!!”

“I can’t believe how easy it was to implement what I learned here. I just received my first round of funding and now I can finally move forward with my life. Without your guidance I think I’d still be chasing my tail. I’m forever grateful! Thank you!!!”

“Melissa’s course is great not only for entrepreneurs, but also for anyone who seeks more clarity and structure in their life in general. The concepts in the course apply to running your own life like a business – you need to have a vision for what you want your life to look like, strategic objectives, a plan for making it happen, and systems to make your business (or life) more efficient. She relates the material with such heart and soul – you can tell she has a passion for helping entrepreneurs attain their goals. I learned a lot in this course and it is worth every penny.”

“Working with Melissa has completely streamlined my organization. She brings so much skill and talent to the table that transformed how I ran my company. Not only does she personally care about you, she approaches issues with a calm and authentic attitude. She has been a gamer-changer allowing me to relax and grow my company with clarity.”

Lock in this rate, select a program package and sign up!

All program levels come with basic email support.

The upper tier levels offer personalized feedback of your Sustainable Business Model Canvas and additional support. 

In the COMPLETE level you will get personalized feedback of your exercise responses to ensure that you are heading in the right direction and private Voxer access for premium support. You will also get one round of feedback and edits to your business plan and 6 weeks of email coaching with video. 

Of course! You have a full 60 days to decide if this program is right for you.

Just be sure to complete the modules and submit your deliverables. This is one of our ways to hold you accountable. 

You’re either fully satisfied with the result or we’ll happily refund you 100% of your investment. But, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be disappointed 😉

Each module contains an average of 5 lessons. Some have less, some have more.

We are constantly improving your experience so, new, content-specific lessons are added whenever needed, which means that with your lifetime access you will never miss out on our latest content. 

We did our best to give you the exact information you need to develop and execute a sustainable business plan that gets the funding and support you need whenever you need it. Every lesson has a specific purpose necessary for your overall success — there is no fluff or any space fillers.

This program gives you everything you need to know, delivered in a way that is easy to understand. Although we recommend that you take your time, you can consume all of the content in less than 7 hours and start implementing it immediately.

The Business Plan Benchmark© works for any business in any niche. The beauty of this framework is that it is meant to help you build a sustainable business model that serves your primary aim in life. This is actually our mission at The Academy of Human Potential. The more truly sustainable businesses there are, the better it is for all of us. 

If you feel that you will need more personalized attention and assistance, you can sign up for the COMPLETE level.

If you begin with the BASIC Bundle or PLUS program levels and find that you end up needing more help along the way, contact us for more information!   

Upon completion of the modules, the upper tier levels are granted access to any template or resource that our team has specific to your next step.

Imagine what it will feel like to finally have a business plan that gets the support you need — whenever you need it. More importantly, imagine the feeling of having a sustainable business that is personally fulfilling and actually works!

*As with all programs, success is dependent on multiple factors. Results are varied.*

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