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I can still remember the phone call I got from one of my Clients…

Matt Man HELP! I have a MEGA Affiliate that I am running a special promotion for and I need to send ONLY his Traffic to a special landing page…BUT Clickbank only allows me ONE (1) default landing page URL, What Do I DO?

Problem: Clickbank only allows vendors to send affiliate traffic to a single default hop link target url on the vendors website…

BUT… what if you have a special landing page for your affiliates but DON’T want to change your default clickbank target url landing page?

BUT… Or what if you set up a special promo page that is just for Women (or Men) that you want your affilaites to be able to direct traffic to?

BUT… what if you have a special price promotion for just one affilaite that you need to send traffic to, and don’t want to post that offer on your default page???

Solution: DWMS Affiliate Redirect Funnel!

What Is Affiliate Redirect Funnel?

DWMS Affilaite Redirect Funnel is a powerful software tool that installs in minutes on any website hosting server and lets you set up special affiliate redirect codes that will funnel your clickbank affiliate traffic to unique targeted landing pages… even if those pages are on another Domain!

What Can I Do With The Affiliate Redirect Funnel?

The possiblities are endless…

Send targeted affiliate traffic directly to specific landing page on your website.

Send affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no Pop-ups pages, great for affilates running PPC campaigns.

Send segmented traffic from one special Affilaite to their own special landing page targeted directly to their cusomers and their unique product pitch.

Send Pre-Launch Traffic to special pre-launch squeeze page, while still cookie-ing the traffic.

Send special traffic to squeeze pages for special reports and giveaways.

You can even Cookie your affiliate traffic using my Affiliate Redirect Funnel and then send them off to a completely different website domain! They will remain cookied to your affiliate and when they come back to your site later to purchase you affiliate will still receive credit. This is great for sending traffic off to a special reort or blog page that is on a completely different domain from your main sales page!

Send all affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no Dropdown pages.

Set up unique offer pages at special pricing discounts just for certain special Affiliates.

Send “women” targeted traffic direct to a “women” oriented sales page. Your affiliates will LOVE THIS!

Allow affiliates to sell Multiple Products on Separate Sales pages using only ONE (1) Clickbank Vendor account!!! Increase gravity and make your affiliates LOVE YOU!

Send only some affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no sign-up form pages.

By setting up a second Affiliate ID for yourself in Clickbank, you can even segment your own traffic and start sending it to unique landing pages for testing and increased conversions!

I’m sure you can think of hundreds of other uses as well… 

“DWMS Affilaite Redirect Funnel was the perfect solution for our Pre-launch of our new product. We ran affiliate traffic through to special pre-launch landing pages where we gave away killer content and cookied the visitors to the affiliates. When launch day came, each affiliate’s traffic from the previous pre-launch was cookied and they recieved commissions for their sales. It worked perfectly!”

Tom Venuto,

“We use DWMS Affilaite Redirect Funnel to split our affilaite traffic into ‘men’ and ‘women’ sales pages. Affiliates really apprciate being able to target their male and famle visitors to special targeted landing pages, and love the increased conversion rates of targeted sales messages.”

Brian Edmonson,

“If your anything like me then you like to do as little work and receive the biggest rewards possible. The affiliate redirect tool is a must have for any internet marketer looking to leverage their time and energy. With this tool I was able set up special affiliate promotions and even unique optins for affiliate marketers which had enebled me to generate income for me and my affiliates without even having a product launch.”

Brett Campbell

“Thank you so much for setting up DWMS Affilaite Redirect Funnel on my site. I can now route affilaite traffic to a ‘no drop down, no list capture page’ that my mega affiliates prefer to use. It has helped me land 2 new mega affiliates that are now mailing for me!”

Victoria Johnson,

“I use DWMS Affiliate Redirect Funnel for special affilate promotions, it works AWESOME! I can give out a special clickbank hop link to a single affilaite that they can use to target their traffic to a special promo page I have built just for them. I’ve seen much higher conversions by personalizing a sales page just for certain affilaites traffic every time!”

Craig Ballantyne

What Do I Get with DWMS Affiliate Redirect Funnel

DWMS Affilaite Redirect Funnel is a digital download that installs in minutes on any web hosting server running PHP. Once installed, you simply access a special, easy to use admin screen and start setting up your redirects… It’s that simple!

Using the admin control panel, you can quickly see what redirects you currently have set up and create as many new redirects as you need to keep your affiliate traffic flowing:

Send all Affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no Pop-ups, Dropdowns, or Sign-up Forms.

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen to Me

I am the Personal Webmaster to some of the top selling clickbank e-commerce internet marketers.  You have probably visited many of the sites that I work on without even knowing it.  My client list is so exclusive that I am not even allowed to mention them by name on this web site. In fact, most of my clients don’t even know my full name, they just call me MATT MAN!

13 Years of Study, Research, Trial, Error and Experimentation

I’ve spent my entire working life studying internet marketing. Ever since I found out about the the internet in 1994 I’ve been absolutely consumed by it. So I started studying – and hard! I was voracious! I bought every book and read every report on internet marketing that I could get my hands on.

I would spend hours online studying. At one point, I had saved up over 1000 links in my favorites and read every one of them page by page even the advertisements!

Then, I Turned My Clients Web Sites Into My Own Personal Testing Grounds!

This product was developed out of the need of my clients for a tool that would allow them to gain control of their affiliate traffic and redirect that affilaite traffic to the highest converting pages. What you see today is the result of that need all wrapped up in a nice neat package ready for you to install and start using on your website today!

So What Does It Cost…

I’ve got two options for you…

Either ways it’s a steal at this price and will allow you to immediately start segmenting your affiliate traffic and sending targeted traffic to special targeted sales pages immediately!

and… you have my personal guarantee…


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Download and install DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel and if you’re not thrilled with the product, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, after you install DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel, regain control of your affilaite traffic, and start running higher converting affiliate landing pages, then I want you to e-mail me your success story and tell me about the results you achieved – and tell all your friends about it too.

Choose Your Option Below and Download Your Files Immediately

I look forward to heaing your success story soon!

Who is Affiliate Redirect Funnel for?
DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel is for Clickbank VENDORS only. (affiliates can not use this tool independent of a clickbank vendor). Vendors must install this software on their domain and configure it for the use of their affilaites. It will only work when installed and programmed correctly on the vendors clickbank account, not the affiliates. If you are an affiliate and want to take advantage of what this tool has to offer, please contact the vendor of the clickbank product that you want to promote and let them know about this site and software tool.

Is Affiliate Redirect Funnel easy to install?
DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel is a software program that must be FTP uploaded to your server and the file permissions set as per the installation instructions. If you do not feel comfortable with FTP or CHMOD of your server, please choose the “Help Install” version above and I will be happy to install the software for you and help you get started.

What if I don’t want to install it myself?
We are happy to install the program for you for a nominal fee, simply choose the “help me install” option above and we will have your program installed and up and running in 24 – 48 hours.

What are the server requirements for Affiliate Redirect Funnel
DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel will run on any hosting server provided the server has PHP installed and running. Contact your web host if you are not sure if PHP is installed or running on your server. You DO NOT need a database or MySql to run Affiliate Redirect Funnel.

Does Affiliate Redirect Funnel work with Clickbank cookies?
DWMS Affilate Redirect Funnel cookies your affiliates traffic for 60 days to your affiliate, you can then redirect that traffic to any page, or website that you select, they will remain cookied to that affiliate and if the visitor returns to purchase within 60 days, that affiliate will receive their commission

Does Affiliate Redirect Funnel work with Clickbank TID’s?
Clickbank TID’s can be appended on the end of the special hop link url strings and the TID data will be passed through with the visitor and cookied so the TID will appear if/when the visitor purchases.

Does Affiliate Redirect Funnel work with Kajabi?
Yes, Affiliate Redirect Funnel works with Kajabi, however you can not host the script on the
kajabi platform because you can not FTP to it.

To make it work you must have a different server, that you have ftp access to, you can host the script there and then reference all your redirect urls to the kajabi pages.

For example:
If your kajabi site is:

And you have another website called: that you have FTP access to

You can host the script on the server and point all your affiliate redirect traffic in clickbank to the script on that server.

Then set up all your redirects in the affiliate redirect admin to point to the urls at

As long as you have FTP access to be able upload and install the script to a public server somewhere it does not have to reside on the same domain name as your Kajabi site.

Does Affiliate Redirect Funnel work with WordPress?
Yes, Affiliate Redirect Funnel works with a wordpress site as long as you have FTP access to the server and can install the redirect files in the root of your server. The script itself operates outside of wordpress, but you can easily direct traffic to your wordpress specific pages once installed.

Click here to get this product at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online

security from trusted vendors.

This product is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Affiliate Redirect for Clickbank, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund you the entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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