PILE on the MILES Day 16 – Head to Toe Check-in

Want to run faster, further or stronger? You have to stay healthy! Take a few minutes to scan your body from head to toe right now (or after your next workout).

PILE on the MILES Running Challenge Day 16

Do a head to toe check-in with your body today. This is a great way to slow down and listen to any little aches, soreness, fatigue or imbalances that can turn into an injury or illness. You may not be able to completely prevent injury or illness, but being aware of small issues can help you learn about your body… which will help you train smarter and run stronger.

Your Runner’s Body

Your running coach can’t read your mind and doesn’t know how your body feels. So, it’s important to be an expert in YOU.

Maybe you’re never sore – so if and when you actually get sore (which may be normal for another runner) – that’s your body telling you something.

Maybe your right ankle always cracks during your warm up – so this is normal and not cause for concern. But if you’re not paying attention and suddenly feel ‘off’ this might be seen as part of the problem.

The lesson is: Check in with your body from head to toe often.

Head to Toe Body Check-in

  1. Turn off any distractions and close your eyes if possible.
  2. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Be present in this exercise – it’s not meditation and you shouldn’t ‘zone out’.
  3. Stretch/flex/wiggle/move however you want each area of your body starting with your toes.
  4. Put anything you notice in your Run Log.

If you only have a few minutes, okay – make it work. And make sure to do this exercise again when you have a little more time.

PILE on the MILES Day 16 : Full Body Check-in

We’re halfway through the challenge!! Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. And keep it up!!


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