PILE on the MILES 2021 – Free Running Challenge

Annual Free Running Challenge – PILE on the MILES 2021

Free annual fitness challenge to help you stay motivated to run in November. The Pile on the Miles Challenge is open to ALL levels of runners, walkers, movers. YOU choose your goal.

What does the PILE on the MILES Challenge Include?

Join the FREE Challenge now and you get: 

  • November Calendar to track your miles (printable pdf)
  • Running Log to help you learn and improve (printable pdf)
  • Meal Planner (printable pdf)
  • Photo-a-Day List to connect with other runners like you
  • Motivation & Tips from Running Coach Monica

Running Challenge 2021

When Does It Start?

November 1st and goes through November 30th.

Running Challenge Motivation and Accountability

Why join PILE on the MILES?

The PILE on the MILES Challenge started 9 years ago. Two running bloggers came together to host the challenge and it was a competition to see who could run the MOST miles in November. I WON 2nd place!!

The next year those bloggers decided not to host the challenge and I hosted it on RunEatRepeat.com. It became an annual tradition with thousands of runners from all over the world participating. Over the years it’s changed and is no longer a competition against other runners. Now YOU compete against YOU.

Set a goal that works with your current fitness and long term goals. Then, chase it down! All month during the challenge I’ll send out emails and post updates on Instagram to keep you motivated and on track.

I know November and the upcoming holidays can be a difficult time of year to stay motivated to work out. I host this challenge to help keep you accountable and HAVE FUN while you do it.

I hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be fun! It’s a great way to connect with others like you on social. And you’ll learn a lot during the challenge as I send out tips and reminders to help YOU RUN YOUR BEST.

Running Challenge Blog Run Coach Monica


How Do I Participate?

  1. Sign up below to get your Challenge Toolkit via email.
  2. Set YOUR GOAL for the challenge. (I have a list of goal ideas I’ll send ya.)
  3. Check-in with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram to stay accountable and crush that goal.

How do I join the PILE on the MILES Challenge?

Sign up below and I’ll email you everything to get started right away.

What if I don’t run that much?

Join us! The POTM Challenge will help you stay consistent and keep running this month.

What if I walk or do Walk/Run Intervals?

Join us! The Challenge is open to ALL Runners and Walkers who want to stay motivated and accountable this month.

Is this a Run Streak Challenge?

No. If you’re a ‘Run Streaker” (aka someone who runs at least 1 mile every day) – do you! But, this is NOT a run streak challenge. You DO NOT have to run everyday or even a certain number of days per week to join.

What If I’m Injured?

You can join us and choose a goal that works with your recovery. Make sure you’re cleared by your doctor to exercise and have a list of approved activities. Then, you can set a goal based on the activities that are safe for you.

But, I know running injuries can be hard mentally and emotionally so if it’s not going to make you feel good or help in your healing process, skip it this year.

I Live Outside the United States – Can I Join?

Yes, all are welcome to join the challenge.

But, there will be giveaways during the challenge that are only open to residents of the USA for legal reasons.

Do I have to be on Instagram or Facebook to join? 

No, you don’t have to participate on social media to join. You can follow along by checking in on RunEatRepeat.com and the email updates.

Do I have to do the Photo-A-Day updates?

That’s just a fun add-on to the challenge to help you meet others doing the challenge, grow your following, give you ideas for posts and learn about yourself. No, you don’t have to do the photo-a-day challenge.

But I would recommend looking at each day’s prompt and thinking about it for yourself. Some of the ideas are meant to help you check-in with your body, your gear or your running favorites. It’s also a good way to keep running fun and fresh.

How do I join the challenge?

Glad you asked! Complete this form and I’ll email you the PILE on the MILES Toolkit right away.


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