My Rest Day Morning Routine

Here’s my Rest Day Morning Routine. “Rest Day” means different things to different people (and different runners). What I do on a rest day depends on whether or not I’m training for a marathon / half marathon and how challenging that training plan is.

Lately I’ve been running 5 days per week, which means I take 2 days ‘rest’ from running. One of those days I’ll do strength training and the other day I try to take completely off from working out. I usually use my complete rest day to clean and do laundry since I have extra energy to shake off.

Yesterday I documented my lil morning routine with some short video clips to share it with you in under 30 seconds. You can watch it on Instagram @RunEatRepeat or on TikTok @RunEatRepeat

I woke up way too early, but couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to just start the day early. First things first – coffee.

Coffee with collagen powder and creamer. I usually drink iced coffee, but lately when I brew a fresh pot I pour myself a cup of hot coffee and drink it until it cools off. I like my hot beverages HOT so it gets too cold for me fast and I pout it over ice.

Refilled my supplement organizer. I know it’s ridiculous. I use a 4x per day supplement container and it has a holder for the week. I space out my vitamins and supplements to help absorb them.

 Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

I usually meal prep on Sundays and started with a big batch of hard boiled eggs.

Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

Breakfast was grated hardboiled eggs smashed with avocado and toast with PB&J.

Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

Diego and I took a nice lil walk for some light movement. Again, I don’t run or workout in any official capacity on my complete rest day. But Diego needs to take a walk and usually invites me to go with him.

Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

I washed clothes the day before and folded them when I got back from our walk. I also organized my running clothes into outfits so it’s easy to grab and go for my morning run. *I share How to Make Fast Running Outfits on this post*

Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

Then, I planned out my runs and workouts for the week.

RUNNING TIP: Check the weather for the week when planning your training schedule and if possible work around extreme weather conditions (or plan to run on a treadmill). This way the weather won’t stop you from doing your best on key run days.

Runner Rest Day Morning Routine

Watch the video version here –  @RunEatRepeat on Instagram and @RunEatRepeat on TikTok

Let me know if you have any questions on this lil rest day routine.

Have a great day!!

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