My Favorite Running Leggings and Capris

I’m excited to share my favorite running capris and leggings because this gear is more affordable than a lot of my other must have running gear items. I think it’s harder to find the best running shorts for you than it is to find great running capris or leggings. That’s because the length of running shorts is so important and most of the run shorts at stores do not make the cut (or really, make the cut too high).

You can find good running capris at department stores or Target. And Road Runner Sports has a line of gear that I love and it’s cheaper than the fancy brands they carry. (Road Runner Sports is a running store chain that’s big around SoCal, but you can order online from anywhere.)

This post is in answer to the question – SoCal equals shorts but any favorite running leggings?

And the answer is YES. Well, technically I have favorite running capris not really leggings – but there’s a leggings version of one of my favorites I’ll share here. And it looks like these are all on sale right now – happy running and shopping!

Women’s Sleek High Rise Run Capris – Love the high rise waist because it keeps them from moving while running so I don’t have to readjust (sweat + my butt = pull them down). These stay put! And the fabric is a good mix of thick and sweat wicking – feels like a quality product you’d get at a higher end athleisure store.

These are from Target. If you buy in the store make sure they’re this design and cut. They have a lot of options and some of them are comfy, but I wouldn’t run in them. I’ve tried a lot of their workout gear and end up using most of it for walking Diego if it’s not run-worthy.

Women’s R-Gear Recharge Compression 7/8 Tights – These are from Road Runner Sports and on sale right now. I love the wide waist band and fabric. These are the perfect mix of thick and breathable fabric. The name says ‘compression’, but I usually associate that with super thick/tight gear like socks. But in this case I feel like compression = ‘holds you in’… and I think it’s flattering.

Women’s R-Gear Recharge Compression Tights – These are the same at the leggings above but full length instead of 7/8 length. I don’t have these but wanted to share in case you prefer full length running pants over the cropped version.


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