My Christmas Wish List 2021

This is my actual Christmas Wish List for this holiday season. I’m sharing because I think I’m bad at giving gifts. It’s NOT that I don’t give gifts, it’s that I have a hard time getting something the recipient actually wants or likes. So, a few years ago I started asking people what they want. I usually just start a family text or email thread asking, “What do you want for Christmas? Please send some ideas or a list”.

And I 1000% appreciate when people respond with links or name exactly what they want. It makes it so much easier to shop. It’s less stressful. It’s a lot faster because I’m not searching the entire internet trying to think of something they’d like and texting other family members trying to find out if they already have this thing I’m about to purchase.

But, I’ve been guilty of not responding when someone asks me because it’s hard to think of something immediately when asked. So, this year I saved things I was thinking about buying for myself in a ‘for later’ shopping cart on various websites. The key is to NOT buy it for yourself. This way you’re not the girl or guy who has EVERYTHING, but ‘someone who has almost everything except this stuff. 

And I think looking at my wish list can help spark gift ideas for someone on your list. For example, one of the things on my list is a specific type of vase I’ve needed for a plant that’s been outgrowing it’s current one for a long time. That might inspire an idea for your sister’s garden or a lucky bamboo plant for your friend’s home office. So, I’m hoping it’s helpful if you’ve hit a wall in your holiday shopping.

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Again, this is my actual Christmas Wish List for this year. Some of the items are things I need and some of them are things I want but it’s not really something I’d buy for myself (or more likely I stopped myself from buying it to put it on the list). Enjoy?

  1. Rose Gold Initial Necklace with a chain that’s about 19″ long ‘M’
  2. Tall Vase for my lucky bamboo plant
  3. Wireless Earbuds with microphone – Jabra Elite 75t I researched this and the results are = the Jabra Elite Earbuds are the best wireless earbuds for making phone calls while walking or multitasking. [*See the notes below]
  4. Pearl Stud Earrings 6 to 7mm – I rotate between a few pairs of earrings and sometimes I’ll lose one, so I don’t like super fancy earrings. My current pair of peal earrings in the rotation are individuals from 2 different pairs so I think it’s time for a new set.
  5. Heating Blanket – I’m cold. Send help.
  6. Immersion Blender (or hand blender) – Just a basic, not fancy immersion blender. I love making soup and almost bought one of these recently, but stopped myself to add it to the list.
  7. Warm but not bulky Coat (in Ivory or a super light beige) – I need a warm jacket that’s comfortable, long-ish, a bright color and looks nice enough to wear out. A lot of coats I’ve been shopping are sold out so I added a few options to my Christmas List. Winter Coat 1 // Winter Coat 2 // Winter Coat 3
  8. Digital Picture Frame – my mom has one of these that my brother can update automatically with new pictures and I love looking at it. It’s my favorite.
  9. Aromatherapy Candles – I love lighting candles in the evening, but when I get down to the last lil inch of my last candle I ‘save’ it and end up not lighting it because I don’t want it to be over. That’s me right now so I need a new one.
  10. Body Oil or Hand Lotion – I go through this stuff quickly because it’s so dry here! Lately I’m loving rose scents and I always love coconut or vanilla.
  11. Treadmill- specifically a commercial grade treadmill because my last one broke because so many people were using it during the pandemic.


Wish List Notes:

*Note for 3: I wear Aftershokz wireless headphones to run or walk Diego and do make/take calls while doing that. I highly recommend that for that. But, I’m easily distracted so if someone else is home or there’s a lot of outside noise it can be hard for me to follow a book or podcast. I like to wear in ear headphones when I’m home or somewhere that’s safe to zone out and just listen to a book or podcast.

And I also like to make calls while I clean the house so I want the microphone to be clear and not pick up outside noise. I’ve had earbuds that seem to blast the noise of whatever I’m doing at the time and the person I’m talking to has said, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING BANGING POTS AND PANS?!!!’ – while I was trying to QUIETLY unload the dishwasher.

Moral of the story: Get Aftershokz if you exercise outside and listen to music/podcasts/books. Get these Jabra Earbuds if you like to call your friend while cleaning and he keeps trying to guess what you’re doing because it’s so loud.


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