Happy New Year from Run Eat Repeat!

Happy New Year!! I’m back from a lil time off and want to send you best wishes for 2022.

I missed you and blogging and funny running tiktoks and Instagram reels! What are the best ones I missed? Did you do anything you’d like to share? Lmk.

[From @RunEatRepeat Instagram Reels]

I’ve been doing a lot of RUNNING and EATING. Training for the Walt Disney World Marathon is extra challenging since it’s right after the holidays (in the beginning of January each year).

Usually this wouldn’t be a problem for this Southern California girl, but it’s actually been raining a ton!! I’ve said I like running in the rain because I don’t get to very often, but I’m over it for now. (Although I’m grateful for the rain as we need it!)

Recent highlights include: running in cool weather and my last long run before race weekend.

Recent lowlights include: wearing 2 different shoes to walk Diego. Ha!! I’m embarrassed about that one.

I love new year’s resolutions, a fresh start and have some great goals for 2022! More importantly, I an amazing workbook for runners to help you set your goals for the new year. (It’s in the next post.)

Have you set your goals for this year yet? Dream BIG. Why not, try to chase down a moonshot goal this year? You can do hard things. Go get em!

Check out the next post for the Runner’s Goal Setting Workbook! And I’ll be back soon with more. (One of my goals is to blog/vlog for 30 days in a row to get back in the habit. Every time I miss a day the 30 days starts over. So we’ll be hanging out a lot this month.)

Cheers to 2022! Let’s goooooooooooo!!!

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