Golden Retriever Surgery Update – Run Eat Repeat

Diego (my 3 year old Golden Retriever) had minor surgery on Friday. Please keep him in your prayers.

When something’s wrong with our human bodies we can go down the internet black hole of WebMD and Google searches that often provide more questions than answers. The same is true for our pets. I haven’t found any helpful information on Diego’s issue.

However, in the past when Vegas (my cat) had any issue it was helpful when someone would leave a comment or DM with an insight or tip from personal experience. So, I’m sharing some details of his problem and will follow up after in case you or someone you know has any helpful insights. And I’m sharing for anyone randomly searching because their dog has a similar situation.

I don’t think HIPAA applies to doggos so here is the timeline of events. Warning – it’s a little gross.

– Diego has had a tiny bump on his back for a long time (a friend thought it was a tick but we checked & it looked like nothing). I think we noticed it about a year before July 2020 (when things took a turn). It didn’t seem to be growing or changing. I’d only notice it when I brushed him with the brush that removes their undercoat hair (because the bristles are so close together).

– July 2020 it got bigger & burst, seemingly out of nowhere. Since it was still prime time for the pandy – he was with me or my friend who loves him all the time. He’s always trying to cuddle up next to us, so it’s weird that we missed it. It must’ve grown really fast.

– The vet thought it was a thorn or something that got stuck & infected. He had surgery to remove it and clean it out. (It was a big incision with a drain.)

– It never really healed close?? There was a small hole after the surgery the size of a pencil eraser. He had to go back after the procedure to get the drain out and the vet saw it at the time, but thought it was fine. (In looking at the pictures of the 1st surgery it seems like the 1st vet cut next to the bump and not directly in it?)

– Sept 2021 the hole was leaking & I took him back to the vet. He still thought it was a thorn and that maybe he hadn’t gotten it. The vet dug around to try and see if there were pieces of it still inside and gave him antibiotics. (I felt like he hurt Diego doing this.)

-January 2022 we got Diego a new vet and had her examine the area. She suggested surgery to clean it out and remove anything causing an issue.

-The scary thing is – the vet isn’t really saying we’re doing a procedure to remove a cycst – or anything else specific along those lines. She’s not sure what it is yet.

So, I’m praying the vet can fix it and that Diego heals quickly and feels safe.

Running Blog Golden Retriever update

Diego had surgery yesterday and is home sleeping right now. I explained the timeline that led here in a previous post, but here’s the update:

  • Vet removed a mass, but isn’t sure what it is?? (It’s being tested for more info)
  • Vet couldn’t remove all of it because it was getting close to his spine, but believes she got most of it.
  • The mass seemed like it had hair or something??!! (Maybe it was a twin he ate in the womb?)
  • I have a picture of it so DM if you’re a professional mass identifier and want to see it.
  • He’s on pain meds and tired but moving around okay.

I 1000% believe in God and miracles. So, now we pray the testing shows it’s just an undigested treat and this surgery fixed it.
And he lives a long, happy life.

xoxo, Monica


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