Different Running Shoes for Different Runs?

Do YOU wear different Running Shoes for Different Types of Runs?

I do! And that’s one of the questions from this week’s @RunEatRepeat Q&A. I’m sharing some of the answers here so I can link to more info as needed.

Question: Favorite Running Shoes? Do you wear different ones for different running objectives?

Answer: My favorite running shoes are whichever ones I’m wearing that day! My all time favorite running shoes are the Brooks Tie Dye Running Shoes from a while back. I think that model was super popular and stayed around for a while but I don’t see it available now. I’ll link to my faves below.

To answer the second part of the question – Yes, I wear different running shoes for different types of runs. But I ran several half marathons and full marathons before I started rotating my shoes. So, I don’t think it’s necessary. You can run in ONE pair of shoes – just make sure you get a new pair once those hit their max mileage.

Also, running shoes are expensive and the prices seem to be going up faster than the prices of other gear. (I think that’s thanks to Nike selling $300 running shoes and other companies realizing they can increase prices and people will pay.)

If you don’t have multiple pairs of running shoes – at least have a pair of shoes that are JUST FOR RUNNING, and a pair of shoes that you wear for walking, cross training, errands, etc. This way you don’t put extra miles on your running shoes and they’ll last longer.

types of runs

If you’re running for general fitness, weight loss or to train for a race with a goal of finishing – you don’t need different types of running shoes. It’s nice if you have 2 pairs of your fave running shoes to rotate, but they don’t have to be different types because you’re probably not doing a lot of challenging speed runs.

If you’re focused on endurance and/or finishing a race and your plan is mainly miles without speedwork – you don’t need different types of running shoes, but 2 pairs of your fave shoes are great to rotate.

If you’re training for a race and doing speedwork, long runs and easy runs – you may benefit from different types of running shoes you can wear based on the type of run you’re doing that day. (Again, it’s not necessary but is great if you can afford it.)

Different Running Shoes for Different Runs

My Favorite Running Shoes for easy runs are comfortable and durable. I rotate these a lot just depending on what I’m feeling that day/week. I wear these for long runs too. My go to run shoes in this category are:

Altra Rivera Running Shoes – These are so comfortable and have a great wide toe box which is great to avoid black toenails during marathon training.

HOKA Running Shoes Bondi 7 – These are the most cushiony and light shoes ever. I started wearing them (again) after I broke my foot and wanted extra cushion to protect it. They’re so light I wear them for easy runs and walking Diego.

My Favorite Running Shoes for long runs, speedwork, tempo runs, races – are usually a neutral shoe, cushioned and light. These are my most versatile running shoes. If you only have ONE pair of running shoes I’d suggest it be something similar to these:

My Favorite Running Shoes for speedwork are designed for speed runs and often light, more minimal and have a higher base. Some examples are:

And for walking Diego, cross training and life I wear retired running shoes or another pair of sneaks that I don’t wear to run.

Different Running Shoes for Different Runs
Different Running Shoes for Different Runs

Other questions this week…

Q: What’s your opinion on commando running?

A: I’m TEAM NO CHONIES all the way.

See this post for Running Underwear options

Q: How’s Mr. Handsome Diego?

A: Beautiful and Happy.

Different Running Shoes for Different Runs

Let me know if YOU have any questions! Talk soon. 

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