Baked Potato Meal Prep – 4 Ways

Check out this Meal Prep starring POTATOES 4 Ways… 

I’m all about quick and nutritional options for weekday lunches. So I try to meal prep at least once a week (usually on Sundays). This week I made 4 delicious and super easy Baked Potato Bowls. All the toppings are different so it keeps it fresh and fun too.

Day 1 – Mediterranean Baked Potato [This Mediterranean inspired baked potato is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, feta, chickpeas.]

Baked Potato Meal Prep 4 way

 Day 2 – Taco Baked Potato [Live everyday like it’s Taco Tuesday by topping a baked potato with ground turkey, beans, corn, salsa, and avocado.]

Easy Taco Baked Potato Meal Prep

Day 3 – Everything & the Potato [This easy brunch inspired baked potato is topped with egg, broccoli, cheddar, everything but the seasoning and sriracha.]

Easy Meal Prep Baked Potato 4 Ways

 Day 4 – Pizza Potato [A baked potato forms the base (or crust) of this pizza potato topped with mushrooms, red sauce, onions and cheese.]

Easy Pizza Baked Potato Meal Prep

It’s super easy to make a batch of baked potatoes in the oven and I already had most of these toppings to make it a meal. (And all of these ideas can be made plant-based with a few swaps if you’re vegetarian or vegan.)


  • Keep potatoes on hand to make this or another dish whenever you want. They store well in a cool pantry for a few weeks.
  • Bake the potatoes while making another meal that requires the same oven temperature. → I made 5 baked potatoes while cooking dinner last night. I had one with dinner and used the rest for this easy meal prep. 
  • Save leftovers from other meals to use as toppings. I usually have Taco Night & Pizza Night once a week so those ingredients were easy and available for this meal prep. 

Not only will this save you energy throughout the week, these potatoes have nutrients needed to give you more energy to power you through your day!

Potatoes Fuel Performance!

  • To perform at your best, put potatoes on your plate!
  • Potatoes are a good option for an active lifestyle because they are a nutrient-dense vegetable that provides energy, potassium, and vitamin C to fuel you. 

Hope this inspires your meal prep for the week. LMK if you try one of these baked potato bowls!

For more potato recipes, facts & inspo, check out the site here 

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