3 Reasons to Run in the Rain

It’s still raining in Southern California. And while I’m thankful for the rain because the drought is a huge issue here, the novelty has worn off a bit. I used to love running in the rain because it was so rare. But last month’s very rainy half marathon washed away my appreciation of water from the sky. Also – I just realized I have a full race recap from that half marathon hanging out in my drafts that I never posted!

Anyway… I was trying to talk you into running in the rain (and doing a bad job of it, but stick with me).

It was pouring on my run yesterday morning, but it wasn’t cold so I really didn’t mind. Plus, I had a speed run on my training schedule and would rather do that outside than on a treadmill.

Unfortunately, a lot of other people minded because the runners I see regularly on the path opted out. So, that got me thinking about reasons to run in the rain. It’s really not that bad in Southern California (again, because it’s not very cold so you don’t need to wear specialty gear to stay warm and dry).

I came up with a bunch of reasons but there are the 3 top ones…

  1. You can’t control the weather on race day. If it rains – it’s helpful to remember you trained in it. This goes the same for other weather conditions that may impact your race.
  2. Doing hard things builds confidence! It’s so important to believe in yourself. Periodt. And it’s extra helpful for you to be confident and believe in your ability to do hard things when you’re training for a marathon or half marathon.
  3. No one can tell if you’re crying in the rain. (In case you prefer to hide that sorta thing, not that you have to.)

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