25+ Legit Jobs For Stay at Home Moms in 2022 (That Pay Well)

Curious about jobs for stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) that actually pay well?

Wondering what types of work-from-home jobs are well-suited for your crazy schedule as a mom?

Look no further — we’ve discovered 25+ flexible, well-paying gigs that’ll have you saying:

“Hey, I can do that job!”

In this post, you’ll find our ultimate list of legit SAHM jobs along with their average pay and resources for further reading.

We’ll also provide 5 super helpful success tips for working from home with kids — because we know it’s not easy!

So let’s dive in and find you some legit jobs that fit perfectly into your mom-life.

25+ Fun & Legit Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms (That Actually Pay Well!)

As a mom, you’ve got talent.

The average mom does roughly 10 different jobs in a day — you’ve been multitasking, raising tiny human beings, cooking, cleaning, tutoring, managing finances, and still finding time for your hobbies.

So that “gap” in your resume? Forget about it — all these skills are totally transferable to paid roles.

With that confidence in mind, check out this diverse list of SAHM jobs, and find one (or more!) that works with your skills and interests.

1. Blogger

Close up of wordpress blogging platform

Do you have a unique point of view, a skill to teach, or a passion to share with others?

Why not start your own blog?

Blogs are no longer just for online journaling. They are platforms for sharing your talents and building online communities.

And they can definitely help earn you some extra cash. Bloggers earn money through ads, affiliate links and selling e-books or coaching services.

Pay Range

It depends on the niche you’re writing for, but most bloggers earn $38,440 to $51,906 per year.

Resources for Becoming a Blogger

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers get paid to write content, including blog posts, emails, white papers, ebooks, advertorials, landing pages, social media posts and more.

One of the biggest perks of freelance life is getting to create your own schedule, which makes it easier to take your kids to and from school, stay home with them when they’re sick, and take as many family vacations as you want!

You’ll need strong writing skills to be successful, so if you’re a total newbie, a copywriting course will help boost your skills.

A lot of these gigs involve writing for the web, so it also helps to have some training in web copywriting and SEO (search engine optimization).

Pay Range

The average freelance writer rate per-hour is $22.74, but many freelancers make upwards of $50 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Freelance Writer

3. Freelance Editor

Close of up of woman's hands typing on laptop

Freelance editors review and revise copy for grammar, flow, accuracy, spelling, voice, and tone.

You’ll edit all types of written work, including:

  • blog posts
  • emails
  • landing pages
  • ebooks

As an editor, you may also coach writers and offer constructive feedback to help them polish their work.

Pay Range

Pay varies based on the type of editing services you offer, but expect to earn between $36-$70 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Freelance Editor

4. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers earn money by recommending valuable products and services to their audience. So this gig works best if you’re already building a significant following online.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link within your content (a blog or video), and makes a purchase, you receive a commission from the sale — this is considered passive income.

Pay Range

It depends on your skills and online following, but affiliate marketers can earn $1,000 per month or more.

Resources on How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

5. E-Book Writer

Close up of person drinking coffee while reading a kindle e-book

Are you an expert on a particular subject?

Ever thought about writing an e-book about it?

Self-publishing an e-book is much simpler and cheaper than writing a traditional book, and it can be a quick way to start earning passive income.

If you’re already blogging, an e-book can serve as a great lead magnet to entice your readers to sign up for your email list so you can grow your audience and continue to offer them valuable products.

Pay Range

It depends on how you price your e-book. If you price it between $2.99-$9.99 on Amazon Kindle Direct, you’ll collect 70% royalties on each sale.

Resources for E-Book Writing

6. Online Course Creator

As a mom, you’ve got major skills! What would it take to turn one or many of your skills into an online course?

It’s easier than you think.

Online course creators produce pre-recorded videos that take students through step-by-step processes to learn a skill.

Pay Range

You can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 per year. Course success primarily depends on the traffic you can bring to your course.

Resources for Becoming an Online Course Creator

7. SEO Consultant

Hand with pencil pointing at graphic that says "SEO"

When was the last time you Googled a product or service?

Did you spend time clicking through page 2, 3 or 4?

Probably not.

Businesses want their website to show up on page one of Google search results — ideally in the top 5 spots — and SEO consultants can help get them there.

SEO consultants perform keyword research using specialized tools and develop content strategies to get businesses to rank higher in Google search, increasing organic traffic and sales.

It takes time and practice to become an expert in SEO, so if you’re new at it, you’ll need a significant amount of training.

Pay Range

SEO consultants earn on average $100.00 to $150.00 per hour.

Resources for Becoming an SEO Consultant

8. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) provide administrative services remotely, including:

  • Managing calendars and appointments
  • Organizing and answering emails
  • Preparing reports
  • Booking travel and entertainment
  • Other simple digital marketing tasks

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. People outsource many tasks to VAs, so there’s plenty of work available!

Pay Range

The average pay for virtual assistants is $21.97 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

9. Tutor

woman with headphones on speaking and gesturing on a virtual call

Do you have in-depth knowledge of a subject, and a passion for teaching?

You can use those skills to become an online tutor.

You’ll need at least a high school diploma to offer tutoring services, and tutors with higher degrees can earn more by tutoring at the collegiate level.

Whether you want to help high schoolers prepare for college entrance exams or tutor an adult to finally get their GED, there are plenty of ways to help people while making extra money!

Pay Range

The average salary for tutors is $24.77 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Tutor

10. Data Entry Specialist

Can you type quickly and accurately?

If so, a data entry specialist job might be a great fit.

Also known as “data entry keyers”, data entry specialists transfer information from physical (hard) copy to digital.

Examples include moving data from bills, spreadsheets, medical records, and cancelled checks.

There is a lot of data entry work out there, but the healthcare and government sectors are popular for higher-paying gigs.

Pay Range

The average annual pay for a data entry specialist is $35,671.

Resources for Becoming a Data Entry Specialist

11. Transcriber

Hands typing on laptop

Similar to the data entry specialist, you’ll need to be able to type quickly to excel at this job.

A transcriber or transcriptionist transforms human speech into text from audio and video files or live events.

As a transcriber, you might work on podcasts, videos, interviews, corporate meetings and more.

There are plenty of websites to help you find transcription jobs, and many are in the medical and legal sectors.

Pay Range

The average transcriber’s pay is $24.34 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Transcriptionist

12. Life Coach

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines life coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

You can find life coaching in many specialties, including:

  • Career
  • Relationship and dating
  • Divorce
  • Finance
  • Health and wellness
  • Addiction and sobriety
  • Business and executive
  • Mental health

You can hold coaching sessions with clients over video calls, or set up your own office space – either way, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule.

Pay Range

The pay ranges from about $150 to $500 per hour, depending on the coach’s location, target audience, reputation, and ability.

Resources for Becoming a Life Coach

13. Interpreter

An interpreter translates speech from one language into another – for example, from Spanish to English, or American Sign Language (ASL) to spoken English.

Interpreters are fluent in a minimum of two languages and can communicate speech, emotions, and intentions as they arise in a conversation between two people.

For SAHM jobs, you’ll want to look for virtual or online interpreter opportunities where you’ll work over the phone or via video.

Pay Range

The average pay is $28.00 per hour.

Resources for Becoming an Interpreter

14. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers help business owners manage and maintain financial records – including purchases, expenses, sales revenue, invoices, and payments.

They produce balance sheets and income statements to report the company’s financial health.

A bookkeeper is not an accountant. So you don’t need a formal education to provide bookkeeping services, but you’ll need strong attention to detail to do the job, and it helps to have a background in managing basic finances.

Pay Range

Bookkeepers earn on average $20.32 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Bookkeeper

14. Freelance Graphic Designer

Desktop computer displaying graphic design software

Freelance graphic designers create logos, websites, social media campaigns, infographics and other digital art for paying clients.

As a freelancer, you can bid for the work you want to do, charging on a per-project basis.

To qualify for this job, you’ll need graphic design skills and a strong knowledge of design programs like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

You’ll also need a strong portfolio to showcase your skills and attract clients.

Pay Range

The average salary per year for graphic designers is $42,952.

Resources for Becoming a Freelance Graphic Designer

16. Virtual Interior Designer

Interior designers help decorate a physical space, such as a home or office.

And virtual interior design is becoming increasingly popular.

Clients no longer need to meet in person with a designer, resulting in more cost-effective projects.

The client’s brief is put together via questionnaires, and 90% of the design communication is online.

Pay Range

Virtual interior designers earn on average $28 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Virtual Interior Designer

17. Search Engine Evaluator

Close up of hands typing on laptop with image of search engine bar superimposed over it

When you do a Google search, what pops up? Is it exactly what you wanted, or do you have to scroll or click the next page to find it?

This is where a search engine evaluator comes into play.

Search engine evaluators give search engine creators feedback on how helpful their results are, so they can improve their algorithms and get more users.

Pay Range

Search engine evaluators earn an average of $17.00 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Search Engine Evaluator

18. Etsy Merchant

Launched in 2005, Etsy is an online store that sells handmade goods, vintage items, and crafting supplies.

Their vast network puts your unique products in front of millions of eager buyers.

Etsy merchants sell everything from custom jewelry and clothing to hand-painted portraits of customers’ pets. So if you’ve got an idea for a creative product people will love, Etsy selling is a great fit.

Pay Range

The average successful Etsy merchant earns $43k to $46k per year.

Resources for Becoming an Etsy Merchant

19. In-Home Child Care Provider

Woman providing in-home childcare for 3 young children

In-home childcare providers offer care for children while their parents are at work. You’re responsible for each child’s safety, meals, hygiene and wellbeing while they are in your care.

You don’t necessarily need a license to provide childcare, but you’ll have to meet specific rules and criteria depending on your state to be compliant.

Pay Range

The average hourly wage is $14.39.

Resources on Becoming an In-Home Childcare Provider

20. Social Media Manager

The social media manager is the liaison between a business and its target audience across all social platforms.

Typical tasks include:

  • Writing social media posts
  • Publishing photos and graphics with captions
  • Inserting relevant hashtags
  • Responding to comments
  • Hosting contests and giveaways
  • Troubleshooting customer issues
  • Creating marketing campaigns for new and existing products

Pay Range

The average salary is $21.23 per hour.

Resources on Becoming a Social Media Manager

21. User Experience Tester

Woman on desktop computer doing user experience testing

A user experience (UX) tester helps optimize website performance to ensure a positive visitor interaction.

UX testers flush out inconsistencies within a website, allowing businesses to create experiences that users love.

You don’t need any formal experience to be a UX tester – you just need basic computer operating skills and the ability to provide helpful feedback.

Pay Range

The average salary is $22.00 per hour.

Resources on Becoming a User Experience Tester

22. Laundry Service Provider

Let’s be honest…doing extra laundry doesn’t exactly sound like a fun time,  especially when you’re already tasked with doing multiple loads a week!

But what if you could get paid to do a few extra loads?

Starting a laundry service is a relatively simple way to earn extra income while maintaining a flexible schedule.

The average family produces 8 to 10 pounds of laundry per week (so there’s plenty of work out there!)

You’ll typically charge customers per pound of laundry and have the option for additional income by adding a delivery service and fee.

Pay Range

$.75 to $3.00 per pound of laundry and an optional delivery fee.

Resources on How to Provide Laundry Services

23. ESL Teacher

Online ESL teacher teaching a lesson via laptop

Do you have to be bilingual to teach people a new language?


If you’re a native English speaker with a solid grasp of grammar, you can earn money teaching English as a second language (ESL) online to people around the world.

English speakers can join sites like VIPKid and earn an extra chunk of cash each month.

One potential downside to ESL teaching: China recently passed legislation banning private ESL teachers from teaching in their country (this includes online teachers).

However, sites like VIPKid have been increasing their global reach following these changes, so there is still potential to earn.

Pay Range

The average salary is $23.72 per hour.

Resources for Becoming an ESL Teacher

24. Online Stylist

Do you have a flair for fashion?

Companies are looking to hire stylists to help online shoppers curate a wardrobe to fit their style.

Don’t have any fashion experience? No worries. As long as you have a passion for fashion and are somewhat tech savvy, companies are willing to provide training.

Pay Range

The average salary is $21.00 per hour.

Resources for Becoming an Online Stylist

25. Content Marketer

Laptop and hand writing venn diagram about content marketing

As a content marketer, you’re part storyteller and part data analyst. You create content for blog posts, videos, ebooks, websites, and more.

You’ll optimize your client’s content for search engines using data analysis and SEO tools to get it to rank for popular keywords.

Creating optimized content for your clients helps build brand awareness and drive traffic to their site, increasing sales.

Pay Range

Freelance content marketers can earn on average $24.00 per hour.

Resources for Becoming a Content Marketer

26. Photographer/Photo Seller

Photography is an impressive skill, but the real work is in the editing and tech behind polished photos.

You’ll need to know how to use your camera in manual mode, set up lighting, and edit in Photoshop, Lightroom, or Adobe Bridge.

Once these skills are mastered, photography becomes a fun, flexible business for a stay-at-home mom.

Pay Range

Freelance photographers can earn $26.00 per hour or more.

Resources for Becoming a Freelance Photographer

5 Tips for Working From Home With Kids (Yes, Even Toddlers!)

mom working from home on laptop with her baby on her lap

Now that you have some legit jobs to choose from, you’ll need to make sure you can balance work and your parenting duties.

Here are 5 helpful tips for managing mom-life + work-life.

1. Designate (and Decorate!) a Workspace

Designate a workspace (even if it’s just a corner) and decorate it with artistic or motivational decor to help mentally separate work time from home time.

As you carve out your workspace, you’ll find that you get more done and the lines between work-mom and full-time mom become clearer.

2. Practice Scheduling and Time Blocking

Close up of hand with pen hovering over a date book

Create a schedule and block out time in advance.

This doesn’t mean you have to schedule every hour of your day. You’re simply assigning blocks of time to get certain things done.

The benefits of this flexible schedule approach allow you to focus better without being distracted by the other 100 things you’d like to accomplish in the day.

3. Create a Routine (For Yourself & Your Kids)

As a busy mom, you’re often pulled in 500 different directions, leaving you feeling like you’re getting nothing done.

Routine to the rescue!

Take some time to create a daily and weekly routine for you and your kiddos that includes time for work and play.

When kids follow a daily and weekly rhythm, they know what to expect and are less likely to interrupt you during work time.

4. Plan Solo Activities for Your Kiddos

Toddler boy playing with toys on the floor

Solo activities for your kids are a godsend when you’re working, and they don’t have to involve parking them in front of a screen.

Activities that get kids moving are your best bet because exhausted kids are generally trouble-free.

Examples include solo ball skills, dancing, hula hooping, digging and building, and going for a ride on a scooter or bike.

5. Ask for Help

It can be ego-boosting to know your family would fall apart without you.

But your burnout from an unwillingness to receive help from your partner, friends, or family will negatively affect everyone because you’ll often take out your overwhelm and frustration on them!

So step outside your comfort zone and receive a helping hand when needed.

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms are Within Your Reach

We all know that moms have mad skills.

What skill will you turn into extra money for your family?

Whether you want to provide care for an extra kid in your home, test out your skills as a freelancer or teach English online, there’s a job out there for you.

So bookmark this jobs for stay-at-home moms post, and start thinking about your next moves.

Now is the time to put yourself out there (kids-in-tow), designate a sacred workspace in your home, and enjoy your next flexible gig!

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