12 Top Sites to Find Data Entry Jobs From Home (+ Alternatives)

Are you looking for legit data entry jobs from home?

You’ve come to the right place.

While there’s no shortage of options to choose from, finding a remote data entry job that fits your unique lifestyle can be challenging. 

But, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our proven list offers many ways to find flexible work from home jobs that you can get started right away. 

Best of all, you only need a reliable computer and internet connection. 

So let’s break it down, shall we?

What Are Data Entry Jobs?

A work from home data entry job handles the input, processing, and management of data from one source to another. 

Think of tasks such as filling out forms, typing up reports, entering data into a spreadsheet or database, and more.

Plus, each can be done from the comfort of your home.

For example, say your employer recently ran a digital marketing campaign to garner new leads.

Said leads will likely be held in a central database.

Your task, as a data entry clerk, could be to categorise each and create a report.

Allowing your employer to segment their leads and make an informed decision based on the data.

Simple. Right?


Yet, most roles require some essential skills to flourish as a data entry operator.

5 Essential Skills to Help Become a Data Entry Clerk

data entry key skills

The skills required for a data entry operator vary depending on your employer’s needs. 

However, there are some basic, universal data entry skills you should have. 

Let’s take a ‌look.

Typing Quickly and Accurately

The majority of data entry jobs are paid on a per hour basis.

So, having the ability to type quickly and accurately will not only increase your earnings but satisfy your employers.

Working Independently with Minimal Supervision

When you work remotely, your boss isn’t there to watch over you. 

Sweet, right?

Yes and no.

On the one hand, your work hours are flexible.

Yet, on the other you have to manage your time effectively to meet deadlines.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs

Having an understanding of Microsoft Office Programs, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is crucial in the workplace today. 

Nearly all businesses and organisations use Microsoft Office software, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

So ensure your knowledge is up to scratch. 

If not, invest your time into learning this key skill.

Following Detailed Instructions

Since you’re working from home (and not the office), it’s vital to understand and execute on detailed instructions. 

The worst case scenario is spending hours or days on a task only to find you’ve completely missed the mark because you didn’t read the instructions properly.

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Adhering to Deadlines

Whether it’s a large project or small task, time is of the essence. 

So, naturally, time management plays an integral part in being successful in a data entry role.

12 Top Sites to Find Your Ideal Data Entry Job

In the online world, many companies and job boards offer remote data entry positions. 

However, some are less legitimate than others. 

So, here’s a list of places to search for legit data entry jobs…

1. FlexJobs

data entry job screenshot from flexjobs

FlexJobs are the largest online job site with over 25 million registered job seekers and over 2 million jobs.

They offer a variety of remote work and even have a dedicated data entry section.

Yet, just like any service that is worth its weight in gold, there is a fee to unlock unlimited access to their site.

Typical remote data entry jobs on FlexJobs include:

  • Data migration
  • Virtual assistance
  • Typing and data entry

2. Fiverr

data entry job screenshot from fiveer

Fiverr is a website where people can offer goods and services for a minimum of $5. 

With such a low price point, there are plenty of opportunities for you to gain experience in a remote data entry role.

Typical data entry jobs on Fiverr include:

  • Web research
  • Data entry
  • Copy and paste

3. Clickworker

data entry job screenshot from clickworker

Clickworker is an intuitive website that offers plenty of opportunities for remote, freelance work. 

You even have the opportunity to make money on the go with the Clickworker app.

Typical data entry jobs on Clickworker include:

  • Text creation
  • Categorization
  • Research

4. Amazon MTurk

data entry job screenshot from amazon mturk

Amazon Mechanic Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that enables people to perform “Human Intelligent Tasks” for various requesters.

The most popular task on MTurk is data entry which is perfect for the purpose of this list. 

Typical data entry jobs on MTurk include:

  • Talking with a chat-bot
  • Finding the email of a person
  • Shopper experience survey

5. Sigtrack

data entry job screenshot from sigtrack

Sigtrack offers a different type of data entry position. They specialise in helping government agencies, voter agencies and elections.

But, they are only available for US residents.

Typical data entry jobs on Sigtrack include:

  • Tagging signatures
  • Hard matching voter birthdays and addresses
  • Reviewing deficiency codes for accuracy

6. Micoworkers

data entry job screenshot from microworkers

Microworkers is a crowdsourcing platform that provides work to people who are interested in data entry jobs from home. 

As a microworker, you’ll enjoy flexible work hours, and your earnings depend on how many tasks you take.

Typical featured jobs on Microworkers include:

  • Tweet emotion analysis
  • Categorising businesses
  • Comparing products

7. Upwork

data entry job screenshot from upwork

Upwork is an international online employment marketplace where you can find a variety of different remote jobs. 

Their site has a rating system so that you can see employers’ reviews and feedback from their past clients. 

There are many categories on Upwork for you to explore, such as:

  • Data entry
  • Web and product research
  • Administrative support

It’s free to sign up, so what are you waiting for?

8. Virtual Vocations

data entry job screenshot from virtual vocations

Virtual Vocations is a reputable company that’s been in the industry since 2007. 

They have an excellent team of professionals who are experts in data entry and can help you find the best job for you.

They can provide you with jobs that match your skill set, interests, and availability, such as:

  • Healthcare data entry
  • Excel data entry specialist
  • Data entry assistant team lead

9. Working Solutions

data entry job screenshot from working solutions

Working Solutions employ remote independent contractors, known as the “Wohoo Crew,” to undertake a variety of jobs, including data entry.

To become a member of the crew you have to complete a short application and assessment and be situated in the US or Canada.

Typical jobs you can find on Working Solutions are:

  • Insurance verification
  • Data entry specialist
  • Hotel accommodations data support

10. Freelancer

data entry job screenshot from freelancer

Freelancer is touted as the world’s largest freelance marketplace so it’s no surprise they have a dedicated data entry section.

Yet, they take a unique approach when it comes to getting a remote occupation…

Employers will post a job then freelancers quote a price (bid). 

With an abundance of jobs available, there is a lot of flexibility in finding that data entry position that suits your lifestyle. 

Typical jobs include:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Sending emails
  • Data entry services

11. Xerox Virtual Office Program

data entry job screenshot from xerox

Did you know Xerox does more than photocopying? 

Xerox Virtual Office Program is a service that allows you to work from home by using the Xerox equipment. 

There are several benefits to the program, including flexible hours, working in your own space, and working with other virtual employees. 

Typical jobs you’ll find on Xerox include:

  • Data entry
  • Data verification
  • Administrative / business support

12. Eighteen 4orty

data entry job screenshot from 1840

Eighteen 4orty is “revolutionizing the way we work.”

They hire bright talent (like you) and outsource various services, including data entry, to clients. 

Essentially, they are the middleman that connects you, a freelancer, to your future employer.

Typical featured jobs include:

  • Data cleansing and enrichment
  • Online research
  • Data annotation and entry

Whew! What a list. Now you might think, data entry isn’t quite right for you. 

So what other jobs can we work from home?

Alternatives to Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are one of the most common and popular remote roles. 

But there are other alternatives which are equally great, and in high demand.

Here’s a few…


Do you like to improve others’ writing?

Proofreading is a skill that helps find and fix errors in text. 

It’s a job that requires accuracy, attention to detail and tends to be in high demand.

Proofreading jobs can be found on:


One of the most popular alternatives to online data entry jobs is transcription. It’s a occupation that requires a person to listen and type what they hear. 

It’s been around for decades. But demand for transcription services has increased with the growth of online education and video-based learning programs. 

There are also many business owners who want their content translated into other languages.

Transcription jobs can be found on:

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great alternative to online data entry jobs and can be easily started from scratch. It provides the opportunity to work from home and be your own boss.

Freelance writers make money in different ways such as through pay per article, pay per hour, or pay per word rate. 

As expected, the rates vary depending on the type of content and your level of expertise. 

Freelance writing jobs can be found here.

Start Applying For Your Dream Data Entry Job Today

data entry jobs picture of an application form

There’s literally no shortage of data entry work that you could apply for. 

From data verification, web research, and administrative support, to virtual assistant and clerk. 

But, before you apply, take a hard look at your current lifestyle and situation. 

What hours do you want to work? What skills do you have? And what is it you really want? 

Once you’re clear, go forth, set up a job alert, and find your dream role as a data entry clerk. 

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